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 - Physical Abuse research papers overview the effects of abuse on children, women and men.

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A Child Called 'It', by Dave Pelzer, is a life-changing story about, a young boy who is starved, beat, and tortured by his mother and her cruel games, yet he manages to turn his life around when he grows up.

A Child Called “It” chronicles Dave's life as a child, and is told from that viewpoint.

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Child abuse is a sociological problem that never seems to make any headway in curbing its presence in society. A child Called "It" by David Pelzer is an important work still today on the phenomena of child abuse in America today. Have Paper Masters custom write a research project on the book, the topic of child abuse or any aspect of Pelzer's work for you today.

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A child Called It is an incredible emotional story where the author describes how he endured unthinkable suffering and abuse from his own mother who hated him for no reason....

As a result of child abuse, children have to deal with psychological consequences, social difficulties, and economic difficulties later in life.

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- Parental Kidnapping applies to direct violation of a custody order put in place by a court where one parent takes the child or children in question out of the state, country or to an undisclosed location without the explicit permission of the other parent.

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A Child Called “It” research paper may present a two-pronged analysis of the ever-increasing problem of . Although it is believed that there is now a greater degree of discussion of this social problem within the public discourse, a diminishment of the taboos surrounding its mention has not helped to depreciably diminish the rate at which child abuse is thought to occur within the United States.

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A Child Called It is an unforgettable account of an abused child who was brutally beaten, burned, starved, and tortured with an unstable alcoholic mother.

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Furthermore it exposes what he was willing to do in order to meet his mother's demands and how he was persistent in finding ways to survive the inhumane life he was 'living'."
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Author: Dave Pelzer
By: Patricia Fuentes

The book
A Child Called "It"
is an autobiography based on the author's abusive childhood.

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