The maximum and minimum sizes for uPVC sash windows are as follows:

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White uPVC Windows and Doors: £3000

Replacing sash windows in Sheffield will always be more complicated than replacing standard casement windows. As Sheffield city center and surrounding villages are predominantly still fitted with wooden sliding sash windows you may be considering changing these to energy efficient uPVC casement or uPVC sash windows. There are many things to consider before rushing ahead and employing a window company to take on the work. Our expert advice could save you time and money…

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Light Oak / Mahogany / Rosewood uPVC Windows and Doors: £3660

The window energy rating for uPVC windows is calculated on a scale from A-E much like electrical appliances that you may find in your home, the only difference is the way in which the rating is measured. For uPVC windows a range of factors will alter the rating including heat gain (g-value), thermal loss (u-value), air leakage and thermal conduction.

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The Yale Anti-Snap cylinder lock also has opposing lock pins which means that the lock cannot be bumped using a bump key; another common way that people can enter your home!

Unfortunately this leads to the loss of around 4000 jobs from hundreds of stores across the UK.

High quality conservatories manufactured and installed in Doncaster.

Do not worry if your house is not 100 percent square; many older properties in Doncaster suffer from this problem. In this situation we are able to bring the wall into shape by hanging timbers on the side walls. The conservatory roof can now attach onto the timber work and be covered over by lead to ensure there is no risk of water ingress.

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Many rear gardens in Doncaster have a large amount of soil that will need to be removed in order to construct a conservatory. In this situation we will remove the earth and also remove enough additional earth to construct a path around the conservatory. The path is then lined with a triple skin retaining wall which is tied into the garden using root grabbers. The retaining wall eliminates any risk of the garden from sliding in future and provides good access around the conservatory.

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However there has never been a situation in which we have not been able to over come the obstacle; a site may require a certain amount of preparation work or we may be able to design a roof to suit the property.

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In our many years of designing and installing conservatories we have come up against many design obstacles due to there being many different property styles in Doncaster. Some properties are limited by size where as some may be an odd shape that require a bespoke conservatory roof.

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AWM Windows and Conservatories in Doncaster are manufacturers and installers of high quality upvc conservatory systems. We install replacement and new build conservatories in the Doncaster area and within a 60 mile radius.