American Beauty centers on the last year of Lester Burnham’s life.

In the movie American Beauty, each of the characters has a choice he or she needs to make.

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Finer-grained analyses of the linkages between economic activity and environmental degradation are needed to examine the validity of the treadmill model’s assumption of an inevitable relationship between the two. Two examples of such analyses include Freudenburg’s (2005) work suggesting that tiny fractions of the American industrial economy, often single plants within an industry, account for an enormously disproportionate share of pollution, and work by Grant and his colleagues (Grant and Jones 2003; Grant, Jones, and Bergesen 2002) showing that large chemical plants and those that are subsidiaries of other companies account for a disproportionate share of toxic releases. In addition, growing recognition of the importance of consumption in contemporary societies (Carolan 2004; Shove and Warde 2002; Spaargaren 2003; Yearley 2005) raises questions about the treadmill model’s dismissal of consumer behavior.

In Sam Mendes’ award- winning film American Beauty, these roses can be found throughout.

Beauty pageants became part of the American society in the 1920's.

First-time director Sam Mendes does a good job with the actors and the rosy dream sequences (with rose petals from American Beauty roses). Overall, I think the film is interesting, and every middle-aged man can identify with Kevin Spacey's fine performance of mid-life crisis, but it seemed to run way too long. I also couldn't buy the straw man arguments it set up and knocked down. The early, juicy, parts of the film were very funny, before it turned to bitter, preachy, and utterly misguided sap at the end.

Besides the roses, each character involved is chasing after their version of American beauty.

The Forestry major at UGA is regarded as one of the top five forestry programs in the country. It is the only 4-year degree program in Georgia accredited by the Society of American Foresters (SAF) and meets the educational requirements for the SAF Certified Forester credential. The curriculum provides a sound understanding of forest ecosystems, the different worldviews and utilization of the forest, and management tools and concepts applied in forest conservation. Students develop critical thinking skills through hands-on field experience, teamwork, problem analysis, and an active internship program. Within the major, students choose from several areas of emphasis: Forest Management, Forest Business, Forest Recreation, Forest Biology, Urban Forestry, Forest Policy, or Wood Products.

Well over this weekend my family and I decided to rent the movie American Beauty.

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As women in remote Asian villages search to attain beauty by stretching their necks with heavy metal coils (Anitei) and women in America lie in enclosed melanoma-inducing tunnels of light so they can emerge gloriously tanned (Is Indoor Tanning Safe?), God has another, far more fulfilling plan for true beauty....

Sociological Themes In American Beauty

The foregoing work on societal awareness of environmental problems can be technically considered as the sociology of environmental issues, but in recent decades it has become common to find research that clearly involves investigations of societal-environmental interactions or relations (Gramling and Freudenburg 1996). While sometimes involving examinations of perceptions and definitions of environmental conditions held by differing interests, such work is at least implicitly and more often explicitly “realist” in orientation—and clearly ignores the Durkheimian dictum that social facts be explained only by other social facts that hampered early environmental sociology (Dunlap and Martin 1983). Rather than problematizing environmental claims, this work typically investigates how changing environmental conditions (often in interaction with social factors) produce societal impacts or, more commonly, how social factors affect environmental conditions.1 Although space constraints prevent us from providing a comprehensive review of such work, we highlight environmental sociologists’ contributions to three particularly important topics: the sources of environmental problems, the impacts of such problems, and the solutions to these problems.

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It is widely assumed that the media play a vital role in setting the policy agenda, and sociologists among others have examined the role of media coverage in generating societal attention to environmental problems. In general, it has been found that newspaper coverage of environmental issues increased dramatically throughout the late 1960s and reached an early peak at the time of the first Earth Day in 1970, presumably contributing to the concomitant rise in public concern during the same period (Schoenfeld et al. 1979). More recently, Mazur (1998) has shown how changing patterns of media coverage of global environmental problems such as ozone depletion and global warming appear to have influenced the waxing and waning of attention given to such problems by the public and policymakers. Also, Dispensa and Brulle (2003) have documented how U.S. media coverage conveys more scientific uncertainty regarding anthropogenic climate change than does that of other advanced nations—presumably due to the greater influence of the petroleum industry in the United States.