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Then, the participants make decisions based on their best assessment of the situation.

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Nevertheless, over the following two centuries, the American government has imposed censorship on ideas and practices that are considered potentially harmful to society....

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These new features of American government present a danger implicit in the manner of our Constitution. Ours, wrote Madison, is the first nation to adopt purely representative forms. This means that all sovereignty or authority to rule is located in the governed or in the people. But at the same time, the people do not occupy the offices of government—as they did, for instance, in Athenian democracy. America’s pure or simple “republicanism,” as Madison called it, makes possible the separation of powers both between the governed and their government and also inside the parts of the government. The sovereign people delegate their authority to government, separately to separate places. This separation is both horizontal, among the branches of the federal government, and vertical, between the states and the federal government. The people themselves are outside the government, and they may intervene only at election time. Between elections, they watch, judge, and argue—in other words, they think before they act. Over time, but only over time, they may replace the whole lot. This system limits both their power and the power of those in government.

During Roosevelt’s First Inaugural Address in 1933 and his 1944 State of the Union Address, emerged as the great American leader everyone was in desperate need of.

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1-What is a republic?
2-How does the system of checks and balances work?
3-What is federalism?
4-What is a democracy?
5-What is political socialization?
6-What are the interest groups?
7-What is political polarization?
8-What is a single member district?
9-What role has the press frame issues?
10-How does the press frame issues?
11-What is gerrymandering?
12-Why does the power of the purse rest with Congress?
13-What is a presidential mandate?
14-What does “equality” mean to Americans?
15-What are civil rights?
16-What are civil liberties?
17-Which branch of the government is primary and why?
18-What was the significance of the 1971 amendment to the constitution?
19-What is lobbying?
20-How do political parties influence government?
21-Why does the U.S have a two party system?

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1. What changes in American society prompted the activities of nativists the Ku Klux, Klan, and religious fundamentalists? How did these groups express their outrage?

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What are some essential tasks that are exercised within the executive branch and how have these exercises affected presidents in the US history? This topic requires research into exercises carried out through the executive branch and their relevance to presidents in US history. It will require historical knowledge as well as analytical knowledge pertaining to the executive branch and how it goes about its different exercises. The writer will need to dig deep to work on government research paper topics as such.

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Which of the three government branches- legislative, executive, or judicial holds the greatest power? This topic will look into all three branches of the United States government. It will require research into all three branches in order to understand how each of them operates and the amount of power each holds. The writer should explain just how each carries out the powers that are given to their branch and how the power is manifested in the government as a whole.