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New technologies were used in the war, such as the Atomic bomb, which opened up the nuclear age.

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WHAT IF THEY ADDED ANOTHER 50 MAGATONS TO GO The Tsar Bomb was designed as a One Hundred Megaton device, and if it would have been detonated everything within a 48km/30mile area would have been vaporised, everything within a 195km/120mile area would have been toast/incinerated in the fireball!

Next to the Atomic Bomb these weapons have also been a curse on mankind...

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Just wars are supposed to be proportional responses to aggression: the costs of war must not greatly exceed the benefits. This proportionality principle raises a corresponding ‘interpretation problem’: what are the costs and benefits of war, how are they to be determined, and a ‘measurement problem’: how are costs and benefits to be balanced? And it raises a problem about scope: how far into the future do the states of affairs to be measured stretch? It is argued here that weapons innovation always introduces costs, and that these costs cannot be determined in advance of going to war. Three examples, the atomic bomb, the AK-47 and the ancient Greek catapult, are given as examples. It is therefore argued that the proportionality principle is inapplicable prospectively. Some replies to the argument are discussed and rejected. Some more general defences of the proportionality principle are considered and also rejected. Finally, the significance of the argument for Just War Theory as a whole is discussed.

There were two main types of self-propelled guns in the German Army during WW2.

All the previously detailed vile acts and sufferings of our poor soldiers [and too many more others to list] are a matter of highly detailed public record, and it further illustrates that a pow of the [WW2 period] Japanese military were 30 times less likely to survive incarceration than a pow of the German military.

On the evening of 4 June 1944, a B-24 Liberator bomber of the 856th Bomb Group piloted by Second Lieutenant Raymond J.

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The image on the front cover of the leaflet for the exhibition is by Shomei Tomatsu depicting the Japanese’s helmet abandoned on the broken floor. Another telling image is the watch, smashed, broken and stopped at 11.02 – the time the atomic bomb went off, when time stood still.

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The Manhattan Project was the project to develop the first nuclear weapon (atomic bomb) during World War II by the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

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US and British Intelligence captured many of the leading personnel, to learn about the Atomic Bombproject, many historians believe a few of the leading Scientists could have delayed building the weapon through what many believe could have been scientific sabotage walking that fine line between slow step by step development and having some technical reverses, and buying time for the a few of those scientists who believed the defeat of the Third Reich was a matter of time.

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END GAME: It has been argued by me, as a student of history and having no scientific credentials neverthelesshistory doesn't deny that the German atomic bomb project didn't develop a working weapon where the US program did and was successful in using the atomic bomb against Japan.

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For what might have been forgotten, the collection brings together some of the true horrors of war, especially the Atomic bomb. Matsumoto Eiihi ‘Shadow of a soldier remaining on the wooden wall of the Nagasaki military headquarters’ 1945 is among them. Indeed it is a negative in itself, the brightness of the explosion has burnt the guard’s shadow onto the wood, both capturing a moment in time for future passers-by to comment on the truly unbelievable image.

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THE BOMBER GAP: During this early phase of the Cold War it was based on the number of bombers each side had, and the famous phrase "The Bomber Gap" was born since that time, declassified documents have estimated the USA needed 204 Atomic Bombs to destroy the USSR, this was all based upon contemporary 1950s information.