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Malcolm X was too stubborn to change his philosophy in The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

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- W.E.B. Du Bois research paper that looks at this African American scholar and compares him to others of the past such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

He is also the main character, narrator, and author of the Autobiography of Malcolm X.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X was a great book

Another surge of interest surfaced in February 2005, around the fortieth anniversary of Malcolm's assassination -- commemorated by a special release of the Malcolm X DVD and mainstream media interest, but not (as far as I can tell) any substantial academic interest.

- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. term papers overview his life and examine his beliefs in essays such as Letter from a Birmingham Jail.

Change. Transformation. Whether you like it or not, things don't stay the same. But in The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Malcolm changes philosophies so much that he almost seems to have multiple personalities. But he's not the only thing changing. The entire story of the book is his struggle to transform race relations in the United States and worldwide. But we're not sure that he's quite as effective at changing race relations as he is at transforming himself.

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