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So last month, Lego announced that it would launch, later this year or next, a Sustainable Materials Centre—100 engineers, chemical engineers, and materials experts all trying to find an eco-friendly replacement for ABS and other ingredients in the company's toys.Finding those replacements will be tougher than getting a one-by-one piece off a wide base plate.

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Our greatest achievement would be to help lead the way in building a sustainable community, one that safely reduces waste at its starting point, so that when it leaves your Hospital, College, University, School District, Corporate Headquarters, Casino, Hotel, Motel, Restaurant, Business, Manufacturing or WastePlant, there is less strain on our community’s resources. That is our passion, to create a product line that is the finest, most bio-friendly economic solution to your Cleaning, Waste Reduction & Sustainability Goals.

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Everybody would be familiar with the story; a boy discovers a lost animal one day, one that is tame and friendly, and tries to find out who owns it or where it belongs. The text alone offers little else in the way of insight; the animal in question is described only as a “lost thing”, and little is said of where this story is set, or who might be telling it. Yet there is enough there that we recognise what is going on. After a number of failed attempts, the boy finally discovers a what appears to be an appropriate home for the lost thing. The story ends, although no particular conclusion is put forward.

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