Essay on the Importance of Being on Time

Being on time enables us to be able to trust and rely on each other in life and death situations.

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I wrote Battleborn for white men, toward them. If you hold the book to a certain light, you’ll see it as an exercise in self-hazing, a product of working-class madness, the female strain. So, natural then that Battleborn was well-received by the white male lit establishment: it was written for them. The whole book’s a pander. Look, I said with my stories: I can write old men, I can write sex, I can write abortion. I can write hard, unflinching, unsentimental. I can write an old man getting a boner!

This essay, will discuss the history and importance for the playing of taps.

The Importance of Being On-Time

Before writing anything in the planners it is important to estimate the time needed for each task and to make sure to include absolutely everything in them which should consist of study time, homework time, appointments, family responsibilities, work, and personal time.

This relates to “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde in a light tone.

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He travels through the time line of his life experiencing moments of it in no particular order.

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But, a note on being married: I have been a mother while married, a mother while not married, and then that rather tricky hybrid beast, a mother and stepmother while remarried. When I was a mother while divorced, I quickly discovered that the experience was eerily similar to being a mother while married to my first husband, in that everything being accomplished was solely up to me and me alone, with no help or input from my husband. This not only made very clear the reasons why I was no longer married to my first husband, but also what I knew I would never again tolerate from a supposed partner in life. You may, by evolutionary design, be a slave to your children, but you are not a slave to your husband.

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It is true. All of it. Being a mother is both the best of life and the absolute worst of life, and you have captured that sentiment quite perfectly.

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So, human beings dwell in that they stay (are at home) on the earth,under the sky, before the divinities, and among the mortals (that is,with one another as mortals). It is important for Heidegger that thesedimensions of dwelling are conceived not as independent structures butas (to use a piece of terminology from Being and Time)ecstases—phenomena that stand out from an underlyingunity. That underlying unity of earth, sky, divinities and mortals—the ‘simple oneness of the four’ as Heidegger putsit in Building Dwelling Thinking (351)—is what hecalls the fourfold. The fourfold is the transformednotion of world that applies within the later work (see e.g., TheThing; for an analysis of the fourfold that concentrates on itsrole as a thinking of things, see Mitchell 2010). It is possible toglimpse the character of the world-as-fourfold by noting that whereasthe world as understood through Being and Time is a culturallyconditioned structure distinct from nature, the world-as-fourfoldappears to be an integrated combination of nature (earth and sky) andculture (divinities and mortals). (Two remarks: First, it may not beobvious why the divinities count as part of culture. This will beexplained in a moment. Secondly, the later Heidegger sometimescontinues to employ the sense of world that he established in Beingand Time, which is why it is useful to signal the new usage as thetransformed notion of world, or as the world-as-fourfold.)

The Importance of Being on Time

I live by this statement I created, after many harsh experiences I’ve gone through (loss of friend, son wanting to commit suicide, brother with two young kids and a wife breaking his neck and becoming a quadriplegic, divorce, extracting a beautiful woman from my house who I thought I was going to marry until I realized I couldn’t get her opiate addiction and lack of coping mechanisms caused by horrible people in her life fixed and my wife at the time who was hospitalized in a psych ward for a week due to severe post partum unhinged from untreatable angry, severe angry anxiety) and have witnessed people going through (a friend losing both his parents in 6 month span, a friend who’s husband retired from the army and died from a fall while trimming trees leaving her an 8 y.o. son and 13 year daughter).