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The combined vote for Roosevelt and Taft exceeded Wilson's by more than 1,300,000.

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Munich Show Update: Please note that we have had to make a date and venue change for the upcoming Munich show. This event was to take place on April 23rd at Postpalast but for unforseen circumstances we've had to move the venue location to on April 26th. People holding tickets for the April 23rd concert at Postpalast will be accepted at Circus Krone on the 26th. Please see the for further info.

Perhaps, he will overcome all of these, except his feud with the media and all will go well.

AA, Bill Wilson and LSD - Dose Nation

Because of contemporary AA's difficulty with control issues, something that is characterologically common in E6, many AA members have been unwilling to accept some prospective members' disbelief in God and, thus, have felt free to water down, or allow to be watered down, the image of God in order to make the prospective, unbelieving member more comfortable.

They were especially opposed to the League of Nations, but Wilson refused to compromise his dream.

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I have a problem with AA acting holier-than-thou and not being truthful about Wilson's shenanigans.

Bedford Hills part of Katonah, New York

Again William Silkworth had a hand in overcoming this obstacle. That Charles B. Towns supplied $2,500, later increased to $4,000, was undoubtedly due in part to the urging of his chief physician.

A.A. History -- Let's Ask Bill W.

UG If the development of the L2 linguistic system is primarily driven by learner-internal mechanisms, requiring the learner to map the L2 input onto an innate highly constrained linguistic blueprint, then all the classroom needs to provide is linguistic input, and learning will take care of itself. In this view, the L2 acquisition process is seen as very similar to L1 acquisition, and children do not need to be taught grammar in order to become fluent native speakers. The UG view of language learning is consistent with the approach, in the sense that both believe that learning will take place if rich natural input is present. It is important to stress though, that the two approaches developed independently of one another, with UG evolving out of the need to understand how children acquire their mother tongue, and then being applied to L2 acquisition, and communicative language teaching being the result of the perceived failure of or by teachers, who felt that they did not prepare learners for real life communication needs. , was influential in articulating the first model putting together these views of learning and teaching, and the subsequent work on the role of input and interaction helped us better to understand how different kinds of interactions may contribute to providing usable input for the learner (; ; ; ).

The Next Frontier: Emotional Sobriety, by Bill Wilson

Vital to Bill Wilson’s developing method of staying sober was the intensive effort to assist others. In Akron, this had come easily through Smith’s position as a physician with hospital privileges. Back in New York, Bill found some drunks with which to work, but a virtually unlimited supply was provided as Dr. Silkworth risked his professional reputation, in allowing Bill to approach the Towns clientele.


TURNING saw its theatrical release from fall 2011-summer 2012, premiering at festivals, including Meltdown in London, The Melbourne Festival in Melbourne, DOC NYC in New York and CPH:DOX in Copenhagen, amongst others. Secretly Canadian and Rough Trade will now co-release a deluxe edition of the TURNING dvd to coincide with select tv screenings around the world. This will include a cd of the complete audio recording of the TURNING concert, live at The Barbican in London in November 2006. The concert contains songs from the first three Antony and the Johnsons’ full length albums – Antony and the Johnsons, I Am A Bird Now, and The Crying Light, as performed by an ensemble of musicians including Maxim Moston, Rob Moose, Julia Kent, Parker Kindred, Jeff Langston and Thomas Bartlett. The cd will also feature two rare Antony and the Johnsons studio recordings from that period.

TURNING is available on DVD+CD and digitally on November 11th in North America via Secretly Canadian and November 10th in the UK and Europe on Rough Trade. Pre-order is available at the following outlets: