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It only takes a whiff of freshly brewed coffee to transport me back to my childhood.

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Aside from self-reflections, thoughts, and ideas, Jung also offers recall of early memories—childhood dreams, visions, in connection with his adulthood.

My friends have memories of playing, laughing, riding bikes, and family road trips.

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However, something about this moment was special; because it caused an uncontrollable flood of emotional childhood memories that eventually cause him to “weep like a child for the past” (3,12).

My most vivid memories from childhood are of red and blue police lights flashing in my eyes.

The essay about my childhood dreams and how my masster helps to achive any of these dream.. Did you have to overcome anything to get to current state?

Lawrence are two poems in which grown men recall memories of their childhood.

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After I moved to my grandparents’ house, my grandmother Gouzail played the role of both a mother and father in my life and this left me with great memories....

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In my case, I will forever keep and pass on my keepsake to my children because of the many good and bad memories it evokes from my childhood and about my father.

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the field-work process of the photo-voice assignment, Evan’s thoughts and pictures made me realize just how similar my own memories of my childhood was to his because as I was analyzing the pictures he took, I noticed those would have been the same pictures I would take if I was the participant....

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If we used imagery to express this process, then one is referred to Nelly Fertado's "Childhood Dreams" song lyrics: "I am sliding on the rainbow of my childhood dreams" .

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A Power Point slide show presentation runs through my mind with fond memories of football games, homecoming dances, and school plays all set to the tune of my high school’s fight song being played by the marching band.