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Art during this time reflected many different cultural backgrounds around China.

Schmid, “The Dawn of Chinese Contemporary Art in the West,” p. 294.

She is fond of painting Chinese women’s body because she considers the women’s body as a powerful symbol and she tries to give people an image of what Chinese women look like and how strong and beautiful they are through her painti...

The artist-scholar can spend years searching for understanding in each work.

Hung Liu’s art works mostly aim at Chinese woman and prostitutes.

In a more somber mood, Song Guangxun’s Brave Chinese Women (Portrait of Lu Xun), 1974, portrays one of China’s most important writers during the early twentieth century writing a protest article after the killing of one of his female students during the suppression of a student demonstration.

For a guide to the aesthetic principles behind traditional painting in China, see: .

He believes in a patient-centred approach and encourages active participation in formulating a therapeutic management plan to optimise your health according to the principles and methods of Chinese medicine.

This work is the most important source of information on early painting and theory in China.

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