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of engineering who submits the winning essay describing personal career goals.

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An education in communication studies offers powerful skill sets that go far beyond polishing one's presentation style. These include negotiating conflict, crafting effective arguments and persuasive messages, working constructively within groups, navigating cultural divides, creating effective publicity campaigns, building satisfying personal relationships, and recognizing the channels of communication available to resolve problems. Majors acquire an understanding of both theory and application in these areas, and become familiar with the methods of inquiry and research used by scholars in communication and rhetorical studies. Majors are required to take one introductory class in public speaking and another in interpersonal communication, followed by Empirical Research Methods (COMM 3700) and Rhetorical Criticism (COMM 3300), completing their programs of study with courses in such topics as Interracial Communication, Health Communication, Persuasion, Environmental Communication, Communication and Religion, and Women and U.S. Public Discourse.

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The engineering field I have chosen is Mechanical Engineering

This course covers economic and non-monetary considerations for making decisions on public and private sector civil engineering systems. Topics include rational decision making, cost concepts, time-value of money, cost-benefit analysis, and risk and uncertainty. Prerequisites: CIVL 7011

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''I have been in research since my freshman year: a Research in Science and Engineering Scholar and selected to be a National Society of Collegiate Scholars member. My proudest achievement so far, though, is founding the National Society of Black Engineers here at UGA. My ultimate life goal is to develop a method for atmospheric bioremediation which is a process by which living organisms are used to clean the air.''

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Civil Engineering is in every pore of our society

This course introduces the student to some of the fundamental concepts involved in managing a typical civil engineering project. Topics include Gantt charts, CPM methods, resource leveling, scheduling software, and an introduction to personnel management fundamentals. The legal aspects of construction contract administration will be introduced including an overview of the Canadian legal system, contractual responsibilities, contract relationships, bonding, liens and holdbacks, tendering, types of construction contracts, and the application of typical clauses to construction related issues and contract administration. The importance of personal and professional ethical behaviour in a construction environment will be emphasized throughout the course. Prerequisites: CIVL 1011 and COMM 2242

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Physics 2192 will continue to apply physical principles and the laws of physics to work in civil engineering. This course is a calculus based survey of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, wave motion, electricity and magnetism appropriate for scientists and engineers. Topics include: fluids at rest and in motion, viscosity, calorimetry, thermal expansion and stresses, simple and damped harmonic motion, standing waves, resonance, electric field and potential, DC circuits, magnetism, induction, and AC circuits. A section on the application of geophysical exploration techniques used in the field is included. Prerequisites: PHYS 1192

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CIVL 3074 is an introductory first course in structural engineering. Topics include: the structural design process; limit states design philosophy; determination of dead, occupancy, snow and wind effects according to the NBCC; load paths in structural systems; and the design of wood tension members, columns, beams and beam-columns and their connection according CSA Standard O86 (Engineering Design in Wood). The course is delivered through lectures, problem-solving sessions and project work. Prerequisites: CIVL 2020