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Taught by more than 30 Stanford faculty members, this six-week program features a general management curriculum that is customized to the needs of senior executives working in global companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.
When you join Columbia Business School’s diverse, supportive community, you gain access to expert career advisors who can help you manage your work life for years to come, tailoring their resources specifically to Executive MBA students.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program of Columbia Business School is not only popular in the USA, but also in the world.

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There shouldn’t be too big of a debate regarding what goes in Essay one versus what goes in Essay two. Anything that has to do with location and New York City, such as executive lunches with visiting professionals from all over the world, proximity to Wall Street, proximity to basically any industry in the world –should go in this essay. Also, there might be a few immersive courses that utilize the city. While that is a Columbia offering, it is made possible by the location of the school – so this type of detail belongs in Essay two. The fact that your aunt lives in NYC is not a good reason. Make sure that your reasons are professional and support your short and long term career goals. You can ask yourself the question: is this course/event/club enhanced by the city? If so, put it in essay two. If it is a program that could very well have been in any other program, and therefore, is not dependent on the specific location of NYC, it belongs in essay one. Here’s an example:

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Too many international you use American editors to "sophisticate" their own words. This can work against you. As any writer knows, tone is hard to master. Your essays need to sound like they were all written by the same person - you. Are you too busy to write your own essays? If so, how do you expect to graduate from HBS, MIT, Stanford, Wharton, LBS, or any other rigorous MBA program, let alone lead your industry someday? Presidents and CEOs might hire speech writers, but the smartest ones also know how to produce their own content, and do so whenever time permits. Take the time to make your application the best it can be, and never trust someone more than you trust yourself. Use your own voice.

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The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton executive MBA program is offered on the Wharton campuses in San Francisco and Philadelphia.

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Apart from these management programs, Columbia Business School offers Master of Science (MS) in two areas of study: Marketing and Financial Economics.
Columbia Business School is blessed with state-of-the-art facilities provided for the overall development of its students, within the campus.
Programs from nearly 100 business schools surveyed, some 38,364 graduates, alumni, and recruiters completed the survey – a response rate of 67 percent to determine the strongest executive MBA programs.
The corporate survey, which was sent to 845 companies representing 21 industries, yielded a more typical response rate of 31 percent.

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Admission Process – Any graduate, who have possessed bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, can apply for this program.
Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program of Columbia Business School provides opportunity to those executives who seek MBA degree while working in the organization.
Admission Process – Candidates can apply online for these various executive educational programs.
Another main academic feature of Columbia Business School is its Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program.

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The majority of the Columbia application revolves around what you did and where you want to go professionally. This is the opportunity to give color to an otherwise barebones application. Choose something that will warrant the reaction “Whoa, nice!” Nothing too fancy but also something that is not obvious from your professional resume. This is your place to shine as a personality, not just a capable professional. You can talk about hobbies, volunteering, interesting personal anecdotes – anything that shows you in a flattering light. Another way to choose a topic for this essay is to ask yourself whether it passes the airport test. This means, that if you were stuck in an airport with a stranger who possesses the exact same quality you describe in this essay, would you be happy to be by their side for ten hours – or do you cringe at the thought. If you cringe at the thought, go back to your brainstorm.

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Stanford Graduate School of Business – The Stanford Executive Program is the flagship executive program offered by the Stanford Graduate School of Business.
Haas School of Business(University of California Berkeley) – The top-ranked Berkeley MBA is globally recognized for preparing business leaders who know how to generate fresh ideas that drive their businesses forward.