The most popular model today is community oriented policing.

Although it does not have a single definition, there are many elements of community policing....

This definition states the minimum of what the police actually do.

who can assist with publicizing the issue in the community and possible solutions, promote services from government or community agencies or new laws or codes that will be enforced. In addition, the media can have a significant impact on public perceptions of the police, domestic violence and security issues for women in the community.

The community and police thus need to work together to deal with criminal activities....

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Although there is not one generalized idea of what community oriented policing is all who practice the model share the same underlying principle of bringing the community and police together to criminal and social problems in the affected neighborhoods (Oliver, 1998)....

Consultation with women’s groups in developing community policing in Burundi

Placing plain-clothed officers within communities, who may be more approachable and reduce attention to women and girls who may seek support or assistance from police.

This is based on implementing the various strategies geared towards achieving an effective community policing.

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Ensure that there are periodic meetings between the police and local communities where women are able to participate effectively and voice their security concerns;

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While challenged by the dictates of homeland security, no study ever questioned the tremendous potential of community policing at the neighborhood level, and it remains popular throughout the United States. In fact, college campuses are some of the most successful sites of community policing activities, where campus police work closely with universities and their students in order both to respond to crime and to inform students about drug addiction, domestic abuse, and sexual violence. College campuses have, in the past 15 years, seen an increase of reporting of rape, thought to be partially due to police efforts on campuses to take the shame out of victimization and relate to the student population.

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However, as a result of the September 11 attacks, community policing has been largely usurped in the public imagination with police as “first responders” who respond to and protect communities from terrorist attack and work closely with the Department of Homeland Security. Furthermore, while sometimes thought to be positive but not necessary, community policing efforts are often the first to be cut as police departments deal with decreased revenues and increased responsibilities for the “War on Terror.”

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As part of the reform process, community discussions on police reform and community policing consistently noted gender-based violence as a concern. Police officers explained their need to have information required to intervene in cases of domestic violence and encouraged women in Bujumbura to come forward about sexual violence generally. The programme design engaged representatives from 30 women’s organizations in meetings with personnel administering the Peacebuilding Fund project on developing a community-based policing approach in Burundi, which contributed to several specific recommendations for the initiative:

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Ensure women’s organizations are involved in the implementation of this project, particularly with regards to sensitizing the population on the functions of the new police force and the advantages of their new functions and uniforms; and