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Although apples and oranges are both fruits,they are to different to compare and contrast effectively; however, youmay compare two types of apples (i.e.

When you compare and contrast the protagonist and the antagonist, do you find any similarities between them?

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Finally, the business of a comparison and contrast essay is frequently (but not always) to demonstrate a preference for one thing over another. The trick is to allow the preference to grow out of the comparison without actually stating the obvious. Let the reader figure out the preference from the language we use in the contrast; let the language do its work.

The following paragraphs are an excerpt from a Corby Kummer essay (first published in the April 1996 issue of the ) that compares one kind of hazelnut to another. If you, too, are nuts about nuts, you can read the whole essay by clicking . How does the author's preference for one kind of hazelnet emerge from the essay? (Remember that we have excerpted paragraphs from the essay, so other things are going on in the article that are not happening within this abridged version.)

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Tris got shoulder tattoos of the Dauntless and Abnegation faction symbols.
Tris' fear landscape includes faceless kidnappers.
The event with Edwards eye being stabbed is completely left out.
Chasm was just a deep "ravine" without any rocks or rushing water.
Jeanine shuts down the program.
Tris injects a control serum into Jeanine after throwing a knife through her hand.