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Your hands do not fall off and you may feel like stress free afterwards, but in the long run masturbation makes your life miserable. You become depressed, irritable, paranoid, phobic, unsocial, tired mentally and physically. Plus since masturbation is an addictive behavior, it never leaves you satisfied and drives you to masturbate more and more. Doesn’t this mean that something is going on with you? That you are being affected at levels other than just your physical? This was definitely the case with me and I have to tell you – I always felt the effects.

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Write a full report on the outcome of your analysis, and state your conclusions about the effectiveness of computer-aided treatment for spider phobia

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Due to the loss of mind balance, caused by masturbation, I often experienced social phobia and paranoia. I had hard time socializing, when going out, at work, or when meeting other people, especially women. Since masturbation almost always lacks a partner, we teach our bodies and mind the normality of this. We literally make our sexual organs accustomed to our own hands. This causes fear of being with a real person, resulting in bad erection or no erection at all. Problems with erection and inability to interact with real life partners, result into life long insecurities, which stand in the way of a satisfying sex life. Because masturbation depletes us of our vigor, we become too lazy or afraid to go after women in real life.

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