At this time, sustainable development of globalization comes to people’s minds.

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Endorsement of the Bruntland Report (WCED, 1987) by the United Nations and its members at the Earth brought prominence to the concepts of sustainability and sustainable development (Drexhage and Murphy, 2010)....

includes more detail on the key characteristics of sustainable development.

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24. Cost-benefit analysis is a valuable tool for planning and decision making for environmental management and sustainable development, but its users have been criticized for applying discount rates that place a lower value on the environmental benefits and costs to future generations than on benefits and costs to the current generation. Discount rates can make current environmental protection measures appear too costly compared to the future benefit of a healthy environment.

In the beginning, it is important to know the definition of sustainable development.

The Commission calls upon Governments, bilateral donors,multilateral financial institutions, technical specialized agencies, and NGOs to give highpriority to rural development in these lower potential areas, particularly throughenhancing the productivity of farmers on a sustainable basis.

Sustainable development is the new buzz word in the game of development and economic growth.

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This approach, currently in its second cycle, provides a whole-of-government view of actions to achieve environmental sustainability, is integrated into core federal planning and reporting, and is supported by a robust measurement strategy” (COG, 2014).

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Sustainable development is about integration and long-term planning—development that benefits the widest possible range of sectors, across borders and even between generations. In other words, our decisions should take into consideration potential impact on society, the environment, and the economy, keeping in mind that our actions will have an impact elsewhere (now and in the future).

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First of all, we must accept that economic growth alone is not enough; the economic, social and environmental aspects of any action are interconnected. Considering only one of these at a time leads to errors in judgment and unsustainable outcomes. For example, focusing on profit margins has historically led to social and environmental damage. However, taking care of the environment and providing the services that people need depends, at least in part, on economic resources.

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Secondly, we must accept that the interconnected, or interdependent, nature of sustainable development also calls for going beyond borders, geographic and institutional, to coordinate strategies and to make good decisions. Problems are rarely contained within predefined jurisdictions, such as a single government or agency, and intelligent solutions require cooperation as part of the decision-making process.

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Human beings hope sustainable development would make globalization work well for all countries and all people, reduce the loss, and avoid the bad impact....