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As the world becomes ever more interdependent and competetive dental tourism is growing worldwide.

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Tourism is one of the largest industries worldwide, accounting for ten percent of the world GDP ($7-8 trillion) and ten percent of the US GDP ($1.2 trillion dollars). For many countries, such as the Bahamas and other island economies, it is the main source of income and employment. About 240 million people worldwide are employed in travel and tourism.1

The practice of traveling abroad to receive both elective and non-elective medical procedures is called medical tourism (Steklof 722).

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Tourism and the Environment
Increased ease of travel and disposable income has lead to increased tourism around the world, especially to locations that were once remote and unreachable. A Washington Post article by Elizabeth Becker, “Don’t Go There,” discusses how tourism is harming the environment. Becker notes:

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There are different strategies for communities to use tourism to strengthen the economy. Community-based tourism is usually run by local residents who invite tourists to visit their local communities, including offering overnight accommodations.5 Sustainable Travel International notes that “Community-based tourism is socially sustainable tourism which is initiated and almost always operated exclusively by local people. Shared leadership emphasizing community well-being over individual profit, balances power within communities, and fosters traditional culture, conservation, and responsible stewardship of the land.”6

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Other tourist impacts on the environment include: trampling of vegetation and forest tundra in accessible and highly trafficked spots; noise pollution from helicopter flights that scares local birds and could lead to dropped eggs; garbage, waste, and pollution from cruise ships and land-visitors; and disturbance of cetaceans, specifically in Antarctica.

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Increased tourism has impacted the polar environment. The Polar Regions hold most of the world’s ice and snow and serve as a crucial habitat for migrating land, bird, and marine species, whose survival is dependent on the availability of food and nesting areas found only in these regions.

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While widely-touted as beneficial, a recent study by Minority Rights Group International notes that in certain areas, indigenous populations have been evicted to create ecotourism spaces; for example, 50 per cent of indigenous communities in Kenya have lost land in the name of ecotourism or other development initiatives. Minority Rights Group International calls for the following rights for indigenous peoples: “a recognition of indigenous collective land rights, the right to participation and development, the right to prior and informed consent.”14 While offering many potential positive outcomes, ecotourism and sustainable tourism must make sure to keep in mind the needs of all local communities.

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Addressing the multiple of environmental, cultural, and economic impacts are difficult due to the scarcity of resources. There are not enough personnel to monitor the natural resources and the tourists, to collect and dispose of waste, to respond to emergency calls, and to implement appropriate sustainable, environmental measures. One tool that has been used effectively by the Arctic regions, and is being considered for Antarctica, is the use of licensed guides and special permits for recreation activities such as rafting, mountaineering and wildlife photograph, which benefi the recipient as well as the community, since many native peoples are employed as guides.

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One challenge that specifically impacts the Mediterranean markets is the overdependence on tour operators that minimize the profits of local entrepreneurs. Tour operators can be beneficial as they help with marketing and are perceived as helping with enhance services and facilities. Some believe that these benefits can be better achieved by directly offering the services to the tourists; technology can help facilitate the shift. Others prefer collaboration with the tour operators to achieve sustainability.13