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And then in West Side Story, there are two gangs in New York that each lover’s family is a part of.

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The West seems to be on the defensive, confronted economically, politically, and militarily by the rise of China (delete this: as well as politically along with militarily) by a gesture of Islamist abhorrence (what do you mean by “as well as politically and militarily by a gesture of Islamist abhorrence”....

Nick travels to New York and rents a house in the West Egg side of Long Island.

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There is a significant number of Muslim migrants who work hard when they enter our nations, but there is another segment of that population that does not enter in order to assimilate, adopt a Judeo-Christian or even a secular worldview, or work hard to become a member of "Western" society. Why?

West Egg is where all the people who have just made their fortune live.

Although West Side Story is a direct rendition of Shakespeare's original play, many of the themes and symbols are altered to fit the modern perspective.

The discipline in cultures function with a receptive approach to the exploitation of Western values....

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Some do identify the problems arising out of the imposition of Islamic Sharia law and its innumerable conflicts with a free society as envisioned in the U.S. and other "Western" nations' constitutions, but then tell us that only a small segment of Muslims are fomenting the conflicts we see around the world.

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If matters escalate into open violence at some time in the near future, the Leftists who invited the jihadis in may end up fighting them in a civil war or they may themselves convert to Islam. There is abundant evidence that some Left-leaning leaders are already implementing policies that encourage the population trends that will surely destabilize Western nations.

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Why discuss the black Muslim movement in several Western nations? With the breakdown of the black family and widespread single-parent households without a father figure to guide them, the black community is tragically riddled with crime and drug abuse. Though there are Christian outreach programs in the prisons, many are targeted for conversion to Islam. The form of Islam they adopt is often a more radical and violent manifestation of the movement.

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Seeing a cultural tsunami entering our Western societies is horrifying because it is one of the most dangerous forces realistically threatening to obliterate our freedoms! Yet, such a cultural tsunami also appears to be deceptively calm and innocuous at first. The actual eventual consequences are hard to detect until one understands its true nature. Just imagine that behind the tsunami are ships bringing in those who seek to finish the job after the tsunami has done its job!

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Hilarion, step forward into Queen Regaena’s chamber to receive your pay for your hard work and dedication!” As I step through the doorway, there is the alluring Queen Regaena just inside the open window of her chamber.