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This discourse series was the first one to be recorded on audio-tape and later published in English as The Path of Self-Realization (1966), also with an alternate title as Path to Self Realisation (1971), and later again titled The Perfect Way (1979). It contained ten discourses translated from Hindi, and the discourses originated as mentioned from his first meditation camp held in Ranakpur, Rajasthan, 3.6.1964 – 8.6.1964. With lectures in the morning and a session with his answering of questions from the participants in the evening session. Some sources claim that parts from Sadhana Path are included in Pointing the Way (1979), but this seems not to be the case.

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Finally on Gandhi Jayanti Day, October 2nd 1957, Jabalpur University was formally inaugurated by Pandit Govind Vallabh Pant, and already from 1959 a scheme was approved for the establishment of also post-graduate studies and research in the Humanities. This development scheme for Jabalpur University included the founding of a new university library, an institution which proved most beneficial to Rajneesh’s extensive reading during the 1960s. It was at this newborn university Rajneesh was teaching philosophy in the Faculty of Arts from 1958 until he finished his teaching career as an ass. professor in 1966 to devote more time to his traveling and lecturing. (3)

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In Pointing the Way (Motilal Banarsidass 1979) we have an essential compilation with revised versions and improved English translations of some early books by Osho. They were Seeds of Revolutionary Thoughts (Kranti beej 1965), Earthen Lamps (Mitti ke diye 1966) (preserved as manuscript, see Appendix). A collection of 180 translated fragments from Hindi discourses were included together with letters to friends, incidents and records of conversations. From the editing process Krishna Prem has given us this account: “Path to Self-Realisation has been finished, titled Pointing the Way, and now I’m wading through one hundred and eighty letters and anecdotes and excerpts from talks, trying to turn two old collections, Earthen Lamps and Seeds of Revolutionary Thought, into one cohesive volume. And the book is progressing beautifully. After the morning discourse I cycle home and, naked and alone in the flat, the maid gone, I boil the day’s milk, set out bread to rise and, Ness-coffee in hand, get down to it. There are some exquisite pieces in the volume I’m editing, real little gems, and my days are inspired, filled with the vastness of his vision and the wonder of his words.” (Allanach 2010, p. 171)

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From the very start as a lecturer Rajneesh was introducing a simple and straightforward way of teaching and yet these methods were arousing many comments among his colleagues. Small things like making the students move from the back of the room to the empty rows in front of him, and telling the boys and the girls – each grouping in their own corner – to come and get mixed. He even made jokes on the students wasting their time and youth in the study of philosophy, when they should rather go out and make love to each other, and he even offered his advice to them in the noble art of writing love letters. These developments aroused the vice-chancellor’s curiosity, not at least because of Rajneesh’s pulling of students from other classes who all came to see for themselves these new ways of teaching and thus were overcrowding his classes with students hanging around in windows. Rajneesh couldn’t care less as he never noted the students’ attendance, and every month he just filled out randomly in the attendance register whether the students had been present or not: Absent, present, absent, present. All he had to remember in this game of random choice was that every student got more than seventy-five percent presence so they were allowed to enrol for examination.

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At the time Rajneesh was an associate professor in the 1960s at Government College in Jabalpur, two academic libraries were at his disposal. One library was connected with the Arts College where he was employed, Mahakoshal Mahavidyalaya Library, but more frequently he preferred the newer Rani Durgawati University Library which had been founded in 1956. Here at the university library he was assisted sometimes several hours a day by Ram Chandra Naik, the university librarian who was in service from 1962 until 1996, and who also helped Osho organize his private library in Jabalpur. Sixteen reading desks are still preserved (February 2000) at the Reading Hall just as when Rajneesh had 50-100 books passing over his desk on a weekly basis, but the stacks have later been changed. Rajneesh did not occupy a fixed desk, but he was to sit down wherever a desk was available, and some books were then kept at the desk for days, if not taken home. According to library regulations, as a teacher Rajneesh could take home five books at a time, students two books only. Osho is said continuously to have suggested new titles to be bought to the library collection.

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Teachers at the university were much preoccupied with mundane matters like salary and the competition for higher posts in the academic world. They were indeed much more interested in these questions than in the students and their future. Rajneesh’s used to send one student to collect his salary every months, telling the student that if needed he was allowed to keep some of it for his own private expenditure. A small school of meditation was opened after 1961 in the bungalow of one of Rajneesh’s friends Shree Deoke Nandan in Napier Town where its central marbled and temple like hall provided seating for at least fifty people in meditation. Many students and professors from the university are said to have come to this place where they were introduced to meditation for the first time.