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Did the split of the Democratic party in 1860 actually lead to the election of Lincoln.

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This one goes out to members of the Democratic State Central Committee (that is, Assembly District Delegates and ex officio members who can attend the annual California Democratic Party convention: you have about nine hours, as I write, to make an important decision.

Will you become a charter member of the state party’s proposed Hemp and Cannabis Democratic Caucus?

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Their main positions which can be found in their “Contract from America” (Tea Party Movement, 2010) played a major role in the election campaigns of both the Republican and the Democratic Party (...)....

Wilson was a member of the Democratic Party and received many support that way ("Woodrow Wilson ").

The battle for the presidential nomination has exposed ideological and class fault lines within the Democratic Party. The opposition to Hillary Clinton’s position on trade and other economic issues reveal the sense among many registered Democrats that the Party establishment has abandoned their economic concerns. The shift in the class interests of the Party has not been a sudden one, precipitated by the Trans-Pacific Partnership or even NAFTA, but part of a longer story of transformation, a shift of the Democratic base away from its roots in the labor union halls in northern cities and toward white-collar tech workers in the suburbs and . Since the 1960s, suburban knowledge professionals and high-tech corporations have supplanted urban ethnics and labor unions as the party’s core constituency. This shifting base intensified structural inequality and constrained the party’s ability to create policies that support economic equity.

Certain countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have a prolonged history of corrupt leaders, violence and lack of resources.

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The Social Democratic Party owned over 90 newspapers, had a network of social and sports clubs, expanded women’s and youth programs, and established a school in Berlin to educate party and trade union officials.

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Hillary Clinton embodies this transformation. While Hillary is often associated with the “New Democrats” of the 1990s, her lineage — and the cleavage between her supporters and those of Bernie Sanders — can actually be traced back to the “Atari Democrats” of the 1970s and 1980s. This group included many of the politicians — and embraced many of the issues — that would come dominate the Democratic Party after 1992.

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With 48 Representatives in the house and 5 Senators, the Tea Party Caucus has maneuvered to assault the legislative and governing power of the governing Democratic Party.

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The primary reason for the Democratic emergence into the dominant political party of the time was FDR’s New Deal, which created many jobs for individuals who were without....

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When it comes to analyze the distinctive features of Scandinavian party systems, five-party model plays an essential role along with strong social democrats, producer interest ties, traditionally strong class voting and well-organized mass parties (lecture, February 11)....

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Introduction: The Democratic Alliance (DA) is a South African political party that’s roots lie in the anti-apartheid movement of the 1970’s, at this time it was known as the Progressive Party, it renamed its self the Democratic alliance in the 1990’s....