Advantages and disadvantages of internet for students essay writing

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advantages of e-mail and its disadvantages.

Hi Dear Liz,
If I write
BP1= advantages of using e-books rather than paper books
BP2= disadvantages of using e-books instead of paper books

Hi LizIn an advantage/ disadvantage essay, should I always say which is best in my conclusion?

But I do not think virus and spamming is a disadvantage of internet

I dont know how to deal with the following weird advantage and disadvantage type essay. Please help me how and from where to start i mean how to deal with the background and thesis statements.

In coclusion, disadvantages of e-books are more serios and long-lasting than advantages.

For body 1, I stated it enabled families to provide the needs of its members in terms of food and medicine + placed 1 disadvantage which was Quality which i pointed out as negligible.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying an online course?

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Hello Liz,
It seems that ”do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages” essay is exactly similar to the Advantage-Disadvantage essay seeking an opinion. Plz, guide me if I am wrong.

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See my model essay above – it shows you how I put two advantages in one paragraph. The central theme of the paragraph is “advantages” – this is what IELTS are looking for – central themes.

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I’m wondering for advantage and disadvantages essay.
Could I put any conclusion sentence in last paragraph. Or I don’t have to write any conclusion for this type of essay.

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Thanks so much Liz. My exam is this week and your lessons have been of immense help. I am however confused about something . In this advantage-disadvantage essay, I noticed an opinion was given at the conclusion. I thought opinions are only allowed in opinion essays. Thanks once again as I await your response.

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People now have the freedom to work and live anywhere in the world due to the development of communication technology and transportation.
Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

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Hi Liz,
Thank you for this wonderful site and your tips. Could you please clear me how to approach this kind of essay. for example, “Many people starts travelling to other city. is it a positive or negative trend”. i am very confused how to approach this kind of essays, are they same like advantages and disadvantages type?
looking forward to hear from you soon.