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The program is only available to students for whom English is a second or foreign language

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Romance Languages are the study of literature, language, culture, and linguistics of certain areas of the world to develop language and cultural proficiency.

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- Have CELTA or Trinity TESOL
- Have 4 years EFL experience including corporate/business English training or a professional business background and 2 years EFL experience
- Excellent communication and organization skills.
- Able to build a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interests of students.
- Knowledge of adult learner and alternative educational methods and have the ability to apply these methods for adult students.
- Very good user of Microsoft Office
- Able to integrate technology in the learning process.
- Have a university degree
- Have a committed and professional attitude.

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Students achieve a basic knowledge of the history of art within the broader context of social, intellectual, and cultural history by taking survey courses; upper level art history; major elective courses within the humanities, sciences, and social sciences (excluding studio art and art history but including a foreign language through the fourth semester); and a second approved literature course in addition to the college requirement. The combination of these courses develops critical and rhetorical skills necessary for success in the field.

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A discussion of the importance of the English language.

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We are looking for an experienced, enthusiastic and dynamic Business English Trainer to work on our “In-corporate Training” programme. The trainer will be responsible for the customized Business English Training of a group of professionals. This customized programme aims to improve the participants’ skills needed to master effective communication within the work environment on both the receptive and productive levels. This will be achieved by providing an In-corporate Trainer who will be available for 8 hours daily, from Sunday through Thursday; the 40 working hours will be distributed on:

- Conducting training needs assessment analysis and placement tests (as needed since this phase is over)
- Shadowing employees
- Individual training.
- Group training.
- Simulations, role plays, presentations, emails…etc.
- Ongoing shadowing and reviewing of learners’ performance.
- Set a detailed plan for each employee/group based on the employees’ levels and performance.
- Ongoing material development.
- Clinic hours
- End of course progress evaluation.
- Attending regular meeting with the DOS and the client.

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The experiences of latecomers to the industrial revolution, such as Japan and China, have abundantly illustrated that the acquisition of modern science and technology is the key to catching up. In this process, the role of information technologies, from print to the Internet, cannot be overemphasized. Since the rate of obsolescence in scientific and technological knowledge is also increasing, information technologies are assuming an additional function aside from transfers of knowledge. They have made lifelong and open learning systems possible (Noam 1995; Tehranian 1996). What are the relationships between traditional educational institutions and new systems- Can scientific internationalism and technological protectionism coexist- Does leapfrogging from low-tech (e. g. typewriters) to high-tech (e. g. global computer networking and DBS) undermine cultural sovereignty and identity- Which is more important in the processes of economic development, financial or human capital- If the latter is more important, as the evidence tends to show (UNDP 1992-1996), what is the place of science and technology policy in an overall development strategy- What are the implications of all of this for a global science and technology policy- These questions have clearly no easy answers. But they present the beginnings of any serious international discussions on information, science, technology, and educational policies.

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''UGA has afforded me the opportunity to travel extensively during my undergraduate career. I spent a summer learning about international conflict at Oxford University in England and working with the World Health Organization’s Hospital and Research Center for Diabetes in India. In small community health clinics on the mountainside of Lima, Peru, and in the coffee farms of Managua, Nicaragua, I learned about the art of diagnosis and felt deeply the degree to which poverty inscribes itself in an individual’s health. This past summer, through the Honors in New York program, I worked with the Greater New York Hospital Association under Susan Waltman. I do not think I will ever have a boss who was (and still is) as invested in my personal and academic development as she was.''