Should English be made the national language of America

 As stated previously, 23 states have declared English as their official language.

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Although it mandates theFederal Government to conduct it's official business in English, it does not promote thedenial of services to any individual, nor does it prohibit Federal employees from orallycommunicating with others in a language other than English.

A Statement of Opposition to English as the Official /National Language.

Should English Be the National Language of the Us Essay

West Saxon was the language of Alfred the Great (871-901) and therefore achieved the greatest prominence; accordingly, the chief Old English texts have survived in this dialect.

The following results are extractedfrom the General Social Survey and represent data drawn solely from the 1994 file, as thiswas the first year survey questions concerning the English language were introduced:

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Circuit Court of Appeals found the Arizonalaw to violate free speech and ruled that a person's choice of language is a right to speech," 'Speech in any language is still speech, and the decision to speak in another language is adecision involving speech alone,' Judge Stephen Reinhardt wrote for the majority" ( 1996).

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In 1988 a referendum waspassed amending the state constitution by not only designating English as the officiallanguage of Arizona, but also deeming it the official language of all state forms, ballots,and schools.

Should English be made the national language of India

Of, 48.3% believed students should have the option to be taught intheir native language 1-2 years, 36% believed all classes should be taught in English,and 15.7% felt that students should be taught in their native language through high school(General Social Survey 1994).

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The data shows that although the majority of individuals feel that English should be theofficial language of the United States, when presented with specific circumstances such asthe creation of bilingual ballots, individuals tend to be more understanding and supportsuch bilingual action.