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He only drops about half of his droppable r’s (the ones not preceding a vowel), but otherwise he has a typical Eastern New England accent. () The previous site, now dead, had said that he was from Hampden (right next to Bangor ), but Kathy informed me that he actually grew up in Tenants Harbor before high school.

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But apart from these words with dropped r’s, or with before an between vowels as in the second row in the chart, native English words with before a consonant are almost nonexistent, the only genuine cases being “father” and the words. (This is why I had to add the foreign names marked with , just to help fill out the chart, and even these don’t work in GNYC.) On the other hand, there are quite a number at the end of a word, as the last five rows of the chart show, but none of these have minimal pairs with short , only with .

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If you grew up in one particular place in Canada or theU.S., then I would very much like a sample from you. In particular, if youlived in one town for most of your childhood, in particular between the ages of5 and 15, and speak like people from that place, then you should be a greatsample. (That is, unless you tried to consciously change your accent afterthat: I know a gal who moved from the South to the Midland before her senioryear of high school, and she was subjected to so much ridicule that shecompletely changed her way of speaking.) And obviously, if you moved around alot throughout your childhood, then you won’t really work for my map.

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