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Drug abuse is the misuse or overdose of any medication or drug, including alcohol....

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Most teens who are addicted won't see a problem with their behavior or their drug use. Drugs make them feel good, and are a way to relieve the stress of school, problems at home, disagreements with friends, and other pressures of growing up.

The risk for developing alcoholism is influenced by both a person’s genes and their lifestyle.

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It is seen as impossible to ever cure all situations of alcohol abuse, but is possible to help those who have a problem and to try and prevent others from becoming addicted....

A 20-year-old friend of yours expresses a desire to receive treatment for alcohol abuse.

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It is like gambling when an individual use recreational drugs or abuse narcotics....

The newest drug being abused is painkillers.

Its common to hear the argument “If someone is old enough to take a bullet for their country, they should be allowed to drink alcohol.” But is that enough justification.

The battle against drugs and alcohol is not going to diminish.

Most of the times people see alcohol as a tool that makes them feel more friendly, they even make use of this drug to loosen or open up in social situations in order to forget their inner issues....

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“According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) it is estimated that in 2004 there were more than 1,700 student deaths, 599,000 injuries, and 696,000 assaults annually associated with excessive drinking” (Fennell 247)....

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However, the abuse of these substances can have negative long-term effects for human health, including a strong addiction that ends in severe cases of depression related disorders.

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Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in the United States according to Pandrea, Happel, Amedee, Bagby, & Nelson, 2010, and studies show that reducing alcohol consumption can lead to public health imp...

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It has been shown in various researches that with the combination of medical treatments and behavioral therapy, one can take a successive step towards reducing the emergence of drug addiction or abuse.

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Furthermore college students do not know enough about alcohol in general and what exactly it does to the body or they do not pay attention to the information given to them....