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Care Plan Synthesis
• Designed a comprehensive and holistic recognition and planning for the disorder.
• Addressed how the patient’s socio-cultural background can potentially impact optimal management and outcomes.
• Demonstrated an evidence-based approach to address key issues identified in the case study.
• Formulated a comprehensive but tailored approach to disorder management.

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Essay about myself, my study planning and my career.

The example study plans show full-time enrolments leading to completion of your course within the standard completion time. The standard minimum completion time for a bachelor's pass degree is three years. You can also study part-time and take up to 10 years to complete your course. International students may be required to study four units per semester in order to meet their visa requirements. Contact UWA for more information. Plan an enrolment that balances your academic aspirations with your other commitments

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Writing my admissions essay experience

Writing my admissions essay experience

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First year study plans are guides only. Plan an enrolment that suits your own individual interests, career goals and timetable.

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Blank study plans are also provided for you to fill out online or in print. Use the checklist to make sure you are on track to meet your course requirements.

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