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This features the classic Percy Bysshe Shelley poem “” and the Op-Ed “” by Sasha Senderovich.After reading the poem and article, tell us what you think — or suggest other Times content that could be matched with the poem instead.
Legendary English Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley drowned at the age of 29.

Imagery for one, navigates the audience to what is truly emphasized in the poem: literary art as opposed to physical, plastic art.

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In “Mutability”, Percy Shelley was no exception to other Romantic writers; he used these impulses of powerful feelings to express the inevitable change that everything in the universe undergoes.

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A perfect Judge will read each Work of Wit

With the same Spirit that its Author writ,

Survey the Whole, nor seek slight Faults to find,

Where Nature moves, and Rapture warms the Mind;

Nor lose, for that malignant dull Delight,

The gen'rous Pleasure to be charm'd with Wit.

But in such Lays as neither ebb, nor flow,

Correctly cold, and regularly low,

That shunning Faults, one quiet Tenour keep;

We cannot blame indeed--but we may sleep.

In Wit, as Nature, what affects our Hearts

Is nor th' Exactness of peculiar Parts;

'Tis not a Lip, or Eye, we Beauty call,

But the joint Force and full Result of all.

Thus when we view some well-proportion'd Dome,

The World's just Wonder, and ev'n thine O Rome!)

No single Parts unequally surprize;

All comes united to th' admiring Eyes;

No monstrous Height, or Breadth, or Length appear;

The Whole at once is Bold, and Regular.

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Although "Ozymandias" detached style differs from the exalted tone of most of Shelley's oeuvre, it pleased Desmond King-Hele enough for him to honour it with a comparison to Shakespeare's poetry: "Few of Shelley's sonnets can bear comparison with Shakespeare's, but in 'Ozymandias' he successfully challenges the master on his favourite ground, the ravages of time."2 In this essay I hope to illustrate how the "music" of "Ozymandias" is integral to conveying its meaning....

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(Daniel 1-4 & Jeremiah 21-52)

It's also interesting to note that this poem was written during a time of great despair. Shelley's first wife had just committed suicide. The courts wouldn't let him have his children and "his baby daughter with Mary Shelley (his second wife), had just died; and Shelley himself was plagued by ill health, pain, financial worries, and the sense that he had failed." I can't help but think that this poem can be related to this situation. Shelley is Ozymandias, who was a man of great ability and had done what he wanted in life and now he sat broken down by what had happened. He was now unable to live as he wanted. He couldn't just get up and start a new life. He was very ill, depressed and broken. This poem is a cry of Shelley's heart during this time as well as a lash out against mankind.

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Some have at first for Wits, then Poets past,

Turn'd Criticks next, and prov'd plain Fools at last;

Some neither can for Wits nor Criticks pass,

As heavy Mules are neither Horse or Ass.

Those half-learn'd Witlings, num'rous in our Isle,

As half-form'd Insects on the Banks of Nile:

Unfinish'd Things, one knows now what to call,

Their Generation's so equivocal:

To tell 'em, wou'd a hundred Tongues require,

Or one vain Wit's, that might a hundred tire.