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In contrast, eating unhealthy foods is a major “tradition” in today’s world.

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On the other hand, I visited a few notable US grocery stores and was appalled that only 4 or 5 isles actually had food. The rest was “junk” food; a whole isle of soda, a whole isle of chips. A whole isle of sugared cereal, a whole isle of prepackaged foods for kids lunches. I said to my mother, “Where’s the food”. The vegetable selection was beautiful, and we filled our cart. Unfortunately, it was also the least crowded section of the store.

In addition, chemicals are added into unhealthy food and many are unaware of the fact that the food is detrimental to the body....

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Although the variety of conservative, complementary, and surgical treatments available, such as medication, thermotherapies, ergonomic and self-care advices, and patient education, proven to be beneficial for CLBP, at the present time the main aim is to provide effective interventions as well as reduce the health care costs....

I soon decided at a young age to be active, eat right, and stay healthy, because of the pain I have seen it bring to those who are unhealthy.

Third, there are many dietary patterns where omitting fruit juices will be more negative than positive. Going south of the border we see a tradition of drinking fresh fruit juices made at home. For example, one glass of orange juice, with other foods. If we omit this drinik, we make the breakfast depleted of vit C. Will that be healthier?

Also, in the world, there are countless amounts of people who would prefer unhealthy food over healthy food considering it simply taste better.

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Always keep things in proportion, such as maybe eating a light healthy breakfast and lunch and then allowing yourself a slightly heavier food for dinner or for snack....

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People always say that foods with the most vibrant colors are the ones that are most healthy for you. While this is certainly true to an extent (dark green leafy vegetables contain high concentrations of Vitamin K and other nutrients), some of our dullest-colored fruits and vegetables are commonly misunderstood as nutritionally bereft.