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Logic and Perception A human’s ability to think constitutes the human’s ability to live

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More specifically, critical thinking is the act of combining various, associated thoughts and perceptions with logic and reason to form educated assumptions and answers which speak to that which we did not know before.

The nature of logic as it relates to critical thinking, and my perceptual process have been influenced through sources of enculturation.

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At this point, we are usually ready to apply a sound logic to hasty and incorrect perceptions, an application which typically leads to false inferences.

A specific, yet simplified example of this very scenario is in the perception that was formulated about a new acquaintance.

Every single experience and observation, every smell and sound, that enters our mind through perception is then fused together and associated with other related fusions to become thought, …our very lives as we know them.
The ability to sift through our thoughts and peel away the individual facets of those sensations and perceptions which make up our thoughts is called critical thinking.

Free Essay: My perceptual blocks have developed from sources of enculturation