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A “symbol of secular authority…the bronze equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius became the most influential source of state propaganda until the tank replaced the horse” [35].Contemporaneous to van Dyck’s equestrian portraits of Charles I were the first equestrian statues in England.

In Meditations, Marcus Aurelius holds that the transient nature of life be the incentive behind human action.

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Thucydides’ description also included the socialconsequences of the Athenian plague, which he conceived withinthe context of the war. > Doctors and other caregivers frequently caught the disease, anddied with those whom they had been attempting to heal. > Spartans besieging the city, however,were not affected by the disease spreading through Athens. > The despair caused by the plaguewithin the city led the people to be indifferent to the laws ofmen and gods, and many cast themselves into self-indulgence. > In particular, Thucydides mentionedthat no one observed the customary funerary rites. > With the fall of civic duty andreligion, superstition reigned, especially in the recollection ofold oracles. > During the firstcentury B.C., Lucretius would use this section ofThucydides’ account of the Athenian plague to support thedoctrines of Epicurus. > To him,the plague illustrated not only human vulnerability, but also thefutility of religion and belief in the gods.

The column recounts episodes in the wars against these tribes which lasted from 169ad until the death of Marcus Aurelius in 180ad.

Justin's first work seems to have been his treatise [now lost] . . . Later he composed his now divided into two parts. The work isaddressed to Antoninus Pius and his two adopted sons. Its date may be given by Justin's insistence oneternal fire for the wicked, for in the year 156Polycarp of Smyrna, favorably received at Rome theyear before, was burned alive after threatening hisjudge with "eternal fire." Justin's essay begins withthe demand to investigate accusations and explainswhat Christians believe and do. The so-called "secondapology" looks like a continuation of the first,perhaps with more emphasis on the philosophy espousedby the future emperor Marcus Aurelius.

J. F. Gilliam mentions this thesis, butdoes not offer any evidence; see

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The most famous Roman roads include: (in Italy), Via Appia (the Appian way), leading from Rome to Apulia; Via Aurelia, from Rome to France; (in France) Via Agrippa, Via Aquitania and Via Domitia; (in Spain and Portugal) Via Augusta, from Cadiz to the Pyrenees; (in Britain) Ermine Street, Watling Street and Fosse Way.

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Meditations, Marcus Aurelius.
Difficulty level: easyMarcus Aurelius's personal journal and meditations on philosophy. This can work as an introduction to Stoicism. While Aurelius was certainly educated on Plato and Aristotle, the text stands alone, although it can be a bit long winded and repetitive at times. It is a great book to digest in small chunks, since it is written as a journal (as opposed to a single argument building over the course of the book).

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There are two major sources forinformation about the Antonine plague. Galen listed some ofthe symptoms of the pestilence in ;however, since he did not go with Marcus Aurelius on campaign, hepossibly did not see the disease first hand. Other plagueinformation is included in the of Marcus CorneliusFronto, who was a tutor of Marcus Aurelius.