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However in 21st century America things have come a long way for women than how they used to be....

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Everybody seems to be talking about learning 21st century skills, but what does it all mean for the classroom teacher who needs better technology in education and more resources for tomorrow's mathematics or history lesson?

Challenges for the 21st century include, changing roles, shifting demographics, and globalization.

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This can’t be done simply by adding these ‘new’ skills and dispositions to the existing curriculum. Doing this would just add more to the already impossible workload of teachers, and it would not work to build a 21st century system. A new mindset is required, one that can take account of the new meaning of knowledge and the new contexts and purposes for learning this knowledge.

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"In order to thrive in a digital economy, students will need digital age proficiencies. It is important for the educational system to make parallel changes in order to fulfill its mission in society, namely the preparation of students for the world beyond the classroom. Therefore, the educational system must understand and embrace the following 21st century skills within the context of rigorous academic standards "

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The shift to 21st century society involves much more than the economic changes outlined on this page – major social and political changes are also happening.

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Children should put the food on their own plate, clean up after themselves and even do the dishes. Not because it saves the school money on workforce but because it is a part of growing up and learning about responsibility. What 21st century schools should be doing as well is growing their own fruits and vegetables where students water them and learn about nature. Setting up a would be optimal, but if that is not an option (for example in big city schools) then they can at last set up a in some of the school windows.

The goal with providing students a healthy meal is not only to give them enough nutrition to last the school day but to make healthy food a normal part of their daily life and get them to think about nutrition which is something that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

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The changes outlined on this page are primarily economic and work-related. Education is, of course, about much more than simply preparing people for work. It has other important goals: for example, developing social and citizenship skills, providing equal opportunity, and building social cohesion. Expressed this way, these are 20th century goals. What might these goals look like in the 21st century context?

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I taught history and economics for eight years before becoming an instructional specialist, and I would suggest that we re-think our desired learning outcomes in the 21st century. Is it more important that Johnny or Suzie can parrot back the names of Henry VIII’s wives or the definition of diminishing marginal cost? Or would we rather they be able to evaluate the reasons for the growing rift between Henry and the Papacy, or to explain why a monopoly may not necessarily have to be a bad thing?

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I have compiled a list of 14 things that are obsolete in 21st century schools and it is my hope that this will inspire lively discussions about the future of education.