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Blood donation is a voluntary practice that helps those in need of blood transfusion due to some accident or illness. The most essential body fluid, excessive blood loss can cause an untimely death if the need is not fulfilled immediately. Hence, blood donation is a life-saving procedure.

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Under the initiative of Indian Society of Blood Transfusion and Immunohaematology, since 1975, 1st October is observed in India as National Voluntary Blood Donation Day. Besides natural disasters and diseases, an unstoppable increase in road accidents is a major factor in India that necessitates the demand for blood. Thus, on this day, several camps are organized in our country to influence people to donate blood willingly.

Short Essay on Importance of Blood Donation

While the essay you may be asked to write may include information on blood collection or blood drives local to where you live, there is lots of information about giving blood which is true for all blood donation agencies and blood drives. The most general of guidelines require that a donor be at least sixteen years old and have a weight of at least 110lbs.

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