One of the most important of them is about gun control laws.

Even all these gun control laws don't stop felons from getting guns.

Gun control laws only take guns away from law-abiding citizens.

Whichever side of the debate you side with, make sure your essay on gun control gets to the point and that it includes reasonable statistics from these reputable organizations and lobbying groups. They got their information from respected sources in most cases, so going to those sources as well could further your argument for or against stronger legislation on ownership of guns in America. In any case, using these sites and their arguments is a good starting point for you. The rest will be in your hands as far as how you wish to word your argument and the tone you should take in your discussion of the topic, whether you are for stronger gun laws or not.

The majority of gun control supporters say with more gun control laws more lives will be saved....

Currently there are quite a few gun control laws in place.

Many people who do not agree with pro gun control argue that bad people will always find a way to get guns, and the only people really being punished or limited by these laws are honest citizenry.

The Brady Act and other gun control laws are effective solutions to our gun control needs....

They will use these gun control statistics to show both the other side and people on the fence that without stronger gun laws, people will continue to rise further and further up the amoral ladder.

Many people don't agree with the gun control laws that they have today.

Many gun control laws have been passed for many years.

People who believe that possession of guns by a large number of people may not cause
any danger to the society on the ground that most of the people will have the guns only
for their self-protection may find that gun control facts revealing that guns cause 30,000
deaths per annum in the U.S. shatter their belief.

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With increasing gun rate crime and the ease of accessibility to obtain firearms in some places in the world, states inside America and countries around the world have altered its stance on gun control and their laws....

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If you are a person who is against stricter laws to control the ownership of guns, gun
control facts which I will be presenting here will, in all probability, change your mind.
You might have come across and even dealt with many arguments, both for and against
gun control laws. After all, this is one of the topics that are constantly being debated
almost continuously. People who are against laws seeking to control the possession
and use of guns and other firearms will no doubt have strong reasons to justify their
convictions. But, there are times when we have to look at the facts and reevaluate our

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Many nationally recognized events such as Columbine, Sandy Hook Elementary and Tucson occurring, people continuously flip-flop on whether to create more gun laws or keep it as is....

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America’s gun laws have proven to be ineffective and inefficient in keeping citizens safe with the rising number of gun related deaths, which supports the need for stronger gun control laws....