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Without being able to return to Wittenberg, Hamlet no longer has an escape from his problems.

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In his essay “An Explication of the Player’s Speech,” Harry Levin refers to the fourth soliloquy as the most famous of them all: Dwelling on gross details and imperfections of the flesh (“Eyes without feeling, feeling without sight”), Hamlet will admonish his mother that sense-perception is dulled by sensual indulgence....

If he were to sleep, he feels that all his troubles would vanish, and this would not be such a .

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Perhaps because he despaired of excelling Fuseli in this scene, Blake selected for hisrepresentations the subsequent scene (I.v) instead. Although it does not lend itself to as much movement, itprovides even more concentration of figures and allows as much terror.

In his last soliloquy, it is obvious that Hamlet's state of mind has gone through a metamorphosis.

Harry Levin comments on Hamlet’s penchant for soliloquies in the General Introduction to The Riverside Shakespeare: Comparably, Hamlet has been taken to task – or, perhaps more often, sentimentalized – for an alleged inability to make up his mind....

Hamlet is no longer sunk in the depths of melancholy, as he was in his first soliloquy.

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Hamlet's weakness is later illustrated when he passes up the opportunity to kill Claudius by rationalizing that he has made peace with God, therefore sending him to Heaven if he were to be slain.

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"To die, to sleep--/No more--and by a sleep to say we end/The heartache and the thousand natural shocks/That flash is heir to--'tis a consummation/Devoutly to be wished" (III,i,68-71).

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Unlike his "To be or not to be" soliloquy, Hamlet knows how much of a coward he has been and illustrates this in his final soliloquy by comparing himself to Fortinbras.

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It begins with Hamlet describing how he has heard that people can be overcome with guilt and remorse of their “malefactions” that they openly proclaim them, when viewing a scene of a play similar to that of their crime.

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This character must be of great character and dignity so that his downfall is all the more spectacular which leads to the audience feeling pity and fear; two essential traits required for a drama to b...

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In the Introduction to Twentieth Century Interpretations of Hamlet, David Bevington examines the way in which the prince’s mind works – an unhealthful way which does psychological damage to the hero: Sharing the weaknesses of those he reviles, Hamlet turns his most unsparing criticisms upon himself....

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Marchette Chute in “The Story Told in Hamlet” describes just how close the hero is to suicide while reciting his most famous soliloquy: Hamlet enters, desperate enough by this time to be thinking of suicide....