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For quantifying the strength of self-affine long-range persistence, one interpretation would be to take the most certain estimator (based on the narrowest 95 % confidence interval range) which says that with a probability of 95 %, the persistence strength β ranges between 0.38 and 0.68. Another interpretation would be that based on the results in this paper, the DFA, PS(best-fit), and PS(Whittle) techniques were much more robust (small systematic and random errors) for normally distributed noises and motions compared to (R/S), and thus to state that this palaeotemperature series exhibits long-range persistence with a self-affine long-range persistence strength between 0.46 and 0.53, with combined 95 % confidence intervals for between 0.23 and 0.73. In other words, there is weak long-range positive self-affine persistence.

The Persistence of Memory.

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Over the course of any sustained project or systematic practice, there are many sources of interest and engagement that compete for attention and effort. For some learners, they need support to remember the initial goal or to maintain a consistent vision of the rewards of reaching that goal. For those learners, it is important to build in periodic or persistent “reminders” of both the goal and its value in order for them to sustain effort and concentration in the face of distracters.

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Our results shown in this appendix for additive and multiplicative noises confirm those of Xiao et al. () in that linear regression of log-transformed data is appropriate for multiplicative errors (the case for analyses done in this paper) and that simple nonlinear regression is more appropriate for additive errors. Furthermore, we find that LL works well for both Gaussian and chi-squared distributed multiplicative fluctuations. We conclude from our simulations that linear regression of the log-transformed data is appropriate for fitting power-law exponents within the context of the four long-range persistence techniques considered in this paper (R/S, semivariograms, DFA, and PS(best-fit)).

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Without persistence, obstacles stop us; with persistence we The Persistence of Memory Essay - 1130 WordsThe Persistence of Memory Looking at the picture The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali, people can see an abstract aesthetic deep within.

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We now introduce the idea of long-range persistence in the context of the Earth Sciences, with many of these ideas explored in more depth in later sections. Many time series in the Earth Sciences exhibit persistence (memory) where successive values are positively correlated; big values tend to follow big and small values follow small. The correlations are the statistical dependence of directly and distantly neighboured values in the time series. Besides correlations caused by periodic components, two types of correlations are often considered in the statistical modelling of time series: short-range (Priestley ; Box et al. ) and long-range (Beran ; Taqqu and Samorodnitsky ). Short-range correlations (persistence) are characterized by a decay in the autocorrelation function that is bounded by an exponential decay for large lags; in other words, a fixed number of preceding values influence the next value in the time series. In contrast, long-range correlated time series (of which a specific subclass is sometimes referred to as fractional noises or 1/f noises) are such that any given value is influenced by ‘all’ preceding values of the time series and are characterized by a power-law decay (exact or asymptotic) of the correlation between values as a function of the temporal distance (or lag) between them.

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Construct a very long (we recommend a length of L = N 2) Gaussian-distributed, self-affine noise or motion x 1, x 2, …, x L , with β the strength of long-range persistence by performing steps (1.2–1.6) of Appendix . Store the amplitudes (moduli) m 1, m 2, …, m L/2 of the Fourier coefficients, X 1, X 2, …, X L/2.