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Merchant service providers compete with banks to offer health systems payment processing solutions, an important but complicated service that involves ensuring payments are credited to the correct accounts and linking different parts of a system into a unified billing portal.

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After a quarter of delayed contracts, Cerner Corp. has more than recovered, hitting record highs for deals closed in the fourth quarter of 2017. The EHR vendor's contract with the VA is still delayed and did not contribute to the record bookings.

You can enroll in or change plans if you have certain life changes, or qualify for Medicaid or CHIP

Ascension continues to expand its telehealth services, evidenced by its appointment of Kristi Henderson as vice president of patient access and care delivery transformation at Ascension Healthcare. The system aims to establish a national framework for remote care coordination.

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An average American pays a lot more for his health care than any other citizen from the developed nations. The high costs ensure a lot more tests than a Canadian, and care from the best surgeons who are using the best equipment and tools in their field. A British or Canadian citizen argues that standard care in their country is quite affordable. Most common ailments like a common cold, stomach bug, or minor surgery are practically free. This is not the case in the United States. Major surgery is also quite affordable when compared to the United States. The average American may differ; as aforementioned, affordable care is not necessarily the best care. In essence, there appears to be no middle ground in this debate. What one country considers an ideal health care system is quite different from how another country perceives the same system.

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A point of disconnect emerges when one analyzes what each citizen is paying for. Amongst the developed donations, the United States spends the largest proportion of its GDP on health care expenditure. Part of the high costs are due to numerous tests and medical research. The United States is a world leader in medical research. In addition, they also attract the best talent from all over the globe. Looking at other developed nations, they excel in providing standard care. The cost of a heart or kidney transplant in Canada and the United Kingdom are much lower than in the United States. If one goes to India, the cost is even much lower. In as much as Canada, the United Kingdom and India provide affordable care they do not necessarily provide the best care. This is because they do not divert a significant proportion of their health care revenue towards medical research.

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