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(That Graff would not mind the lattereffect sets him apart from most of those fighting the culture wars.) Graff is arguing strongly for the integration of what goes on in theclassroom and what goes on everywhere else at the university.

It's not because I am offended by the golf shirts, caps, mugs, and umbrellas sold online, making my war equivalent to a trip to Disneyland.

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Despite what I take to be implicitly his acuity about the effects ofcold-war consensus on the universities, and of red-baiting onintellectual culture at large,

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This unfairly insinuates that those who read the many democraticnarratives of the period as shaped by the strong cold-war consensusare invariably allegiant to Foucault--and thus the imposition of alatter-day "neo"-left theory upon the earlier left-to-right successionis thought merely to continue the old endless fight of left versusright.

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