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The invention of radio allowed the extension of the weather observation net over the oceans, and this was one of its first important uses. Every ship became a weather station, radioing reports at regular intervals to a central office. This great advance happened by 1915, and weather prediction was of great service in the Great War. Significant theoretical advances were made during the middle of the 20th century, especially in the properties of the upper atmosphere, elucidated by such indirect methods as sound propagation and meteor trails. The importance of fronts and air masses was recognized. Aircraft made observations at altitude, but the greatest advance was the radiosonde, where the pressure, temperature and humidity of an air column from the surface to high altitudes could be determined in a few minutes. Originally clumsily called when experimental devices were tried in the 1920's and 1930's, they were renamed radiosondes in 1930. Radiosondes were first used in service in 1937 at Boston, and there were 6 radiosonde stations by 1938. Radiosondes replaced all aircraft observations in 1940. This gave additional information that made weather forecasting a true science. Weather maps gained their maturity in this period. One article in this section takes a thorough look at weather maps and how to interpret them.

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On the day predicted, record those same data. Post the actual weather in the discussion board, including the original prediction. How accurate was the forecast? If it wasn’t accurate, what do you think caused the weather to vary from the prediction?

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Over the course of history, weather forecasting methods have greatly advanced both in terms of their accuracy and reliability. The development of new scientific observational methods and numerical models has also increased the general public perception of weather forecasting. In the past, the general perception and assumption regarding weather forecasts was that they would, more often than not, be wrong. There has been a significant improvement in terms of accuracy compared to 20 years ago. For instance, a 3 day atmospheric pressure forecast in the present day is as accurate as a one day forecast 2 decades ago. The dependability of a weather forecast is indicated by how accurate a long term forecast is. One day forecasts have been possible for a long time, however, advancements in scientific methods have made forecasts of as long as a week to be accurately determined. This paper outlines how these scientific advancements in weather forecasting have been achieved and developed.

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