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Therefore, this article gives you some tips on writing an essay about yourself.

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I was worried about writing fiction up until I realized that fiction is just nonfiction exaggerated, nonfiction with a wider allowance for artistic merit, and nonfiction with the gaps filled in.

Having basic knowledge about their writing processes has helped me while composing my papers.

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Due to his personal beliefs, the pressures from his culture, and the racial violence and prejudice that he encountered on a regular basis, Countee Cullen’s writing tended to be about the racial struggles he faced....

What about writing and the writing process makes it so disliked and, in some cases, even feared.

We write personal non-fiction — essays, memoir and autobiography — not to gaze at our belly buttons and muse over how wonderful or awful our lives are, but to put down our own small, individual truth. This happened to me, these are the specific details and feelings of that time in my life and this is where I ended up. With a personal essay this can be a very short event, a single incident; one traumatic experience that taught you a life lesson, or maybe something trivial that frustrated you and becomes humorous in the writing of it. The memoir, as William Zinsser says, is a window into a life. Writing a memoir gives you the opportunity to explore a unique period in your life, to make order and sense out of it. An autobiography, your entire life up until this moment, can be a transformation of the messiness of daily life into a valuable piece of family history.

A father's loss of balance destabilizes a whole family

When beginning a personal essay, you should choose a significant event in your life. This can be almost anything, but something about it should matter to you. Many personal essays hinge around a sad experience, but joy is just as strong an emotion, if not more so. As always in creative writing, you should consider why you are writing this piece: what can writing about this experience teach others? What can you learn from revisiting the memory? In a personal essay, the importance of the word is not to be undervalued. Whatever you choose to write about must be important to you, hinge around your experience, and have some impact on you.

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The personal essay is one of the most popular forms of creative non-fiction writing found in English classes, especially in high school but also, to a certain degree and in a more complex way, college. This kind of writing allows you to explore a topic through the lens of your own, personal experiences, reflections, ideas, and reactions. It can be one of the most powerful kinds of writing you get to do, both in its direct connection to you, the writer, allowing you to engage with material in class at a very personal, complex, and meaningful level, and also in the amount of latitude that you as a writer are afforded in terms of style, technique, and form. The following are some tips and strategies to help you think as you write and revise a personal essay, or prepare to write this kind of assignment for the first time (the topic of the essay will always vary—we are focused on the genre as a whole here).

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Through taking this class I have realized that there are certain things most high school students think they know about English but in all reality there is a lot more to writing then just expressing yourself.

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John Barth first wrote about postmodernism in the influential essay, The Literature of Exhaustion (1967), denouncing ordinary, realist fiction and the ironic use of conventions.