Billy Elliot was on set during the UK miners strike in 1984- 1985

Based on the 1988 screenplay by John Waters and the 2002 musical play by Mark O'Donnell.

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(Reviewer's note: One has an impression Billy was treatedsort of like a lapdog. He was expected to perform, and adherelocal cultural metrics. He refused and persisted. It is a comedicepiphany to grasp an inverse: academic and media lapdogstongue-wagging and expecting humankind's highest intellect toperform for .)

In Billy Elliot, the boy starts to dance and the dad is against boys dancing and says they should be out boxing or playing football....

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In addition, Billy had several issues with the coach, he was not only an aggressive man with strict and regimented routines, he screams and yells all the time, often embarrassing him in front of everyone....

In Billy Elliot we see a lot of stereotypes with the main ones being that boys shouldn’t do ballet and if they do then they must be gay....

Chapter seven also describes Boris' and Sarah's efforts toremove Billy from a physically and mentally hostile environmentat Harvard by sending him to Rice University in Houston. Unfortunately,Billy's tribulations only continued at Rice. People thereoffered little solace or quietude for our intellectual protagonist. Ahhh...anunrelenting visceral meanness of humankind against itself.

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Billy did crossword puzzles in his head — a whole puzzle!He was able to make ditto copies using a pie tin and some fortifiedhousehold chemicals. He knew chemistry so well he could substitutechemicals to still make a process work.

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But even his family rejected him sometimes. They rejected himwhen they knew his presence might disturb ambiance of a gathering,which was often. Billy often smelled and dressed in a slovenlyfashion (notably he had this trait in common with some other prominentfolk, e.g., Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, etc.) But perhaps worse,Billy's topics of conversation were abstruse and complex —not easy for typical humans to grapple.

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Amy ends chapter 15 by telling us Billy thought he was an incarnationof a mystical who appeared, to protect against problems, at critical times inour new nation's history.

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Amy tells us William Sidis hated academia and spoke harshlyof a world of academics. (Upon reading his father's , we can see why! See our review of nearby.) Using a Pirsig-like, MoQ perspective, Billy saw academiaas rigid, structured, bureaucratic, title- and c.v.-centric, arrogantfolk of suffuse Static Quality. He saw them as stuck, proud,content, and satisfied. They had to be! How else couldthey 'teach' other people what they to know? Inboth ()and , Pirsig rails about academics incapable of Qualityteaching because they do not know what Quality ... BillySidis certainly would agree. Genius in agreement with genius!

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Later, we have something Pirsig wouldjust love. Billy expatiates on American Indian lore. Fascinating!He now knows one person with whom he can have true intellectualtête-à-tête: Nathan Sharfman,a Harvard graduate whom Alfred North Whitehead said would saveAmerican philosophy, but who became a taxi driver and an alcoholicinstead. Sidis liked him!

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Amy goes on in chapter 11 to tell us more about Sidis' works. Hismasterpiece on physics went unreviewed/uncriticized on publicationin 1925. Fifty-four years later, Buckminster Fuller readit and was astounded. Billy described black holes, thermodynamicreversibility, and placed a classical view of laws of thermodynamicsin question. Simply amazing! One can see much weightof classical SOM thinking on his mind, but one can also see hisintellectual divergences from a SOM path. This chapter isworth your effort.