Hamilton andthe Federalists had laid their plans well.

The Anti-Federalist Party, led by Patrick Henry, objected to the constitution.

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As he sat in the North Carolina ratifying convention and listened to the roll call of their membership, William Richardson Davie must have worried that the federalist movement in his state would die a slow and agonizing death before him.

Mostly the Anti-Federalists thought that the Constitution created too strong a .

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Anti-Federalists believed that republics could only survive in homogeneous communities, with everyone holding the same values, and interests; they believed that too much diversity would destroy a republic.

The two major parties in this battle were the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists.

The dilemma for the Anti-Federalists was that they could neither accept nor reject the Constitution as they were strongly committed to both their state and the United States.

Those who supported the Constitution were Federalists, and those who opposed were Anti-Federalists.

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This common man involvement is reinforced by the fact that the Anti-Federalists wanted to keep government more local, by having strong state governments....

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The Anti-Federalists could not make an effective campaign against the Federalists because of their intellectual inability, political skills, and social class.

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The Federalists, however, were very well educated, wealthy, and extremely well organized which was one of their key characteristics that lead them to victory....

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“They are called the Anti-Federalists, but it should be made clear at once that they were not Anti-Federal at all.” (Main xi) Originally, the word federalist, meant anyone who supported the Articles of Confederation.

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The term “Anti-Federalist” was placed on them to portray them as people who did not agree with the Federal Government, which was exactly opposite of what they are.

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The Federalists were the group of people who desired to get the finished new constitution ratified and the Anti-Federalists were the group of people who disliked the new constitution and believed it shouldn't be ratified because it was missing several key parts.

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The Anti-Federalists formulated arguments based on the weaknesses they found in the new constitution and used them against the Federalists in order to gain support, while the Federalists convinced citizens of the righteousness of the new constitution in order t...