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Here's a big problem. All modern circuitry is based on voltage signaling and voltage-based power supplies. Not current. Yet in grade-school textbooks, all their voltage explanations are instead labeled as "static electricity." Claimed to be a "kind" of electricity we don't use, while supposedly Current is the only important thing. In fact it's the very opposite. And, we teach all about magnetic fields, but pretend that e-fields don't exist, and kids never hear about them. Yet e-fields are the driving force behind our entire technical civilization. So, any curriculum needs to have voltage, electric force or "pressure," at its very center. Or, at the earliest grades, everything needs to be laying a groundwork for "Future Explanation of Voltage."

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Essays 2-4 focus on issues of network congestion: ‘Capacity Charges: A Price Adjustment Process for Managing Congestion in Electricity Transmission Networks’ presents the capacity charge approach for managing transmission constraints in electricity networks.

He was able to put up different business in electricity, telecommunications, real estate, retail, shipping and the Internet through sheer hard work, intuition and an eye for innovation.

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Note that the problem with electricity misconceptions is mostly in K-6 texts and children's books. In my experience it seems limited to technician training material, as well as highschool grades and earlier. For good and reliable information , textbooks at or above the undergraduate college level are almost uniformly accurate. Unfortunately they all base their explanations on mathematics, and would require 'translation' before children or the public could understand their material. (And that's what my provides: translating college-level physics textbooks into everyday language/pictures/concepts which anyone can understand.)