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"The Department of Immigration and Cultural Communities has invested significant efforts to modernize its processes and improve the services offered to immigrants. I am proud to help accelerate modernization and have contributed to better define the consistency and continuity of interventions immigration, francisation, integration and regionalization. As of 2014, the Québec must have a modern immigration system to achieve a goal which we all adhere to, that of a strong immigration of his "Quebec, the Minister concluded.

How did we get into this mess? According to McNiven, the Canadian approach to immigration is completely out of date.

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In planning for the total number of people to admit as permanent residents, must not only balance the Government of Canada’s immigration objectives, but also consider broader government commitments, input from provinces and territories, and current and future economic conditions. The Department must also take into account its operational ability to process applications in a timely manner, as well as the capacity of communities to welcome newcomers.

Atkinson argues it's one of several necessary fixes to an immigration points system that has placed too much emphasis on white collar .

“Canada (is) a nation that now has the most successful set of immigration policies in the world... Canada's economy is thriving because it actively seeks immigrants to fill labour gaps and then grants those immigrants the full benefits and opportunities of being Canadian.”

Immigration has been the key to success in some cases, but in others their stories are harsh and hard to hear....

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Our newest economic immigration program is called the Canadian Experience Class. It is a personal favourite of mine, and it’s already had quite a bit of success since we introduced it in 2008. I wish we had started it even earlier.

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Beyond this, another strong indicator of success is pre-arranged employment. Skilled workers do better if they immigrate to Canada with a job offer in hand.

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The goal is a simplified and expedited immigration process that selects the applicants with the best and most in-demand qualifications and, at the same time, eliminates the scourge of backlogs, which, as we have seen, can bring an immigration system nearly to a standstill.

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Similarly, we are taking aggressive action against those who perpetuate visa scams and application fraud, including unauthorized representatives who provide advice or representation for a fee at any stage of an immigration application or proceeding.

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This is a partnership. Together with those who employ skilled immigrants, the Government of Canada recognizes the importance of immigration to our economic health and values the contribution of skilled immigrants who add to our international competitiveness.

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Other initiatives we are undertaking include combating marriage fraud, better regulating the immigration consulting business, and tackling immigration fraud by cracking down on unscrupulous individuals who try to cheat the system.