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Thus, the dialysis tubing mimics the diffusion and osmosis processes of the cell membrane.

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Although they may differ widely in appearance and function, all cells have a surrounding membrane and an internal, water-rich substance called the cytoplasm, the composition of which differs significantly from the external environment of the cell....

Until the early 1950s, the biological cell membrane was rarely mentioned in scientific literature.

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This cell works with other cells in a system to perform other complex process by dividing the functions of performing the complex work to groups of cells.

Until the early 1950s, the biological cell membrane was rarely mentioned in scientific literature.

It harnesses the chemical energy of hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity without combustion one of the basic types of fuel cells is the Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC).

The process of cell migration is important in such things as wound repair and cell differentiation.

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Moreover, every process of performing complex work that cells take part in happens because of dividing the functions of the cell particularly between its parts....

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After these large particles are packaged in vesicles, if the molecules are to be secreted from the cell, the transport vesicles fuse with the plasma membrane in a process called exocytosis.

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The process where chemical energy of molecules in food is released and partially captured in the form of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is called Cellular respiration.

cell of body with the cell membrane formed almost entirely of these

Aim – The aim of this practical is to use beetroot to examine the effect of the temperature on cell membranes and relate the effects observed to membrane structure....

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Size of the cell, concentration gradient of the cell, carrier protein of the membrane influence whether a molecule will be able to pass through a biological membrane.

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About halfway through the G1 stage if the cell is not completely prepared to support DNA replication, there is a stage called G0 which the cell will enter so it can continue to grow larger and be entered back into the G1 phase to finish the process and move to the S stage of the interphase.

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Considering the lack of technical equipment available a century ago, scientists such as Charles Overton and Edwin Gorter were not only exploring new territory in looking at the properties of cell membranes, but laying the way for future cell biologists....