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At the time of writing counselling is not regulated by the UK government,
no single ethical body oversees counselling and psychotherapy in the UK.

Chemical dependency counseling has a set code of ethics, guidelines and regulations that seek to safeguard the interests of everybody involved.

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Disclaimer: Please note the codes in our collection might not necessarily be the most recent versions. Please contact the individual organizations or their websites to verify if a more recent or updated code of ethics is available. CSEP does not hold copyright on any of the codes of ethics in our collection. Any permission to use the codes must be sought from the individual organizations directly.

American Psychological Association (APA) Codes of Ethics 3.05a deals with how to ethically handle multiple relationships.

Justice: the fair and impartial treatment of all clients and the provision of adequate services
The principle of justice requires being just and fair to all clients and respecting their human rights and dignity. It directs attention to considering conscientiously any legal requirements and obligations, and remaining alert to potential conflicts between legal and ethical obligations. Justice in the distribution of services requires the ability to determine impartially the provision of services for clients and the allocation of services between clients. A commitment to fairness requires the ability to appreciate differences between people and to be committed to equality of opportunity, and avoiding discrimination against people or groups contrary to their legitimate personal or social characteristics. Practitioners have a duty to strive to ensure a fair provision of counselling and psychotherapy services, accessible and appropriate to the needs of potential clients.

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The terms ‘practitioner’ and ‘client’ are used in the same way as defined in Ethics for counselling and psychotherapy (see page 2). Practitioners’ behaviour may vary from these guidelines provided the variation is ethically justifiable; the client is supportive of the variation; it is demonstrably to the benefit of the client; and that practitioners are willing to be appropriately accountable to people affected, and this Association for their practice and the reputation of therapy in general.

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There are different elements involved with law and ethics important to how people live and relate to one another. People will have personal views on what law and ethics pertains to, which makes this topic interesting and promising. Laws can relate to in place to make things fair and just. Ethics can relate to exercised by a person or group that makes them distinguished from others. There are multiple types of ethics to consider such as legal ethics and professional ethics. For instance, lying or betraying someone are elements considered unethical when done in the workplace.

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All clients are entitled to good standards of practice and care from their practitioners in counselling and psychotherapy. Good standards of practice and care require professional competence; good relationships with clients and colleagues; and commitment to being ethically mindful through observance of professional ethics.

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It unified and replaced earlier Codes of Ethics and Practice and gives practitioners the opportunity to consider ethical practice in a more mature and professional manner.