Scott Fitzgerald, Writer: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

 A short biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald by Professor Matthew J. Bruccoli.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Criticism

Done right, short stories can be masterpieces, throwing the reader into existing lives and engrossing them enough to want to stay (and to feel the wrench when they have to leave). Having read this book – which is made up of stories taken from several of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s collections – I have to say he is one of the best short story writers I have ever read.

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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Shimmering Visions | New Republic

Before this, the only other book by F. Scott Fitzgerald I had read was, of course, The Great Gatsby. Because I had spent so much money at Waterstones, I had a gift voucher and when I saw the striking black and gold cover I had to buy it instantly.

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This could be to do with the the fact that I love the era in which the many of the stories are set: the Roaring Twenties. Fitzgerald creates the mood so beautifully in his love stories, of young men and women drinking and dancing into the night, and falling into seemingly casual romantic entanglements that end up affecting them for the rest of their lives. In this world few people seem to end up happy. Sensitive men who fall in love tend to lose the object of their desire to colder, more logical men who seem incapable of any real emotion beyond self-love. The female characters are thoughtful and intelligent, often choosing security over passion (or, at least, struggling with the choice). This is from Two Wrongs: “Her voice was flip as a whip and cold as automatic refrigeration, in the mode grown familiar since British ladies took to piecing themselves together out of literature.”

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