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Feminist theorists have radically challenged the everyday assumptions that have kept academic institutions chugging along since dinosaurs roamed the earth. They tackle topics that are so taboo they make other theorists quake in their boots. And, on top of all that, they're at the forefront of some of the smartest, savviest work being published today. Who wouldn't care?

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Plus, feminism is more than just an outdated protest or a type of lit theory: in the academic world, it’s also a major part of cultural studies, and feminist thinkers have their fingers in just about every other pie you can imagine too.

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She noticed little about the social and economic situation around her and her time in Ireland simply confirmed her in her Englishness, despite her own Irish ancestry through her mother. The main legacy from this period was her loathing for Lady Kingsborough. In Mary's eyes, as she developed her feminist philosophy, her employer came to stand for all that was wrong in women - their coquetry, their exaggerated weakness, their corrupt manipulating power and their dependence on men for identity.

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Whether it's about your favorite female authors or having a different lens on the world and your place in it, feminism gives you the tools for taking apart power structures—and doesn't care whether those are power tools or kitchen utensils.

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Examples? Psychoanalytic theory just wouldn't be the same if and 's ideas hadn't been challenged and taken in new directions by French feminist thinkers like Hélène Cixous, Luce Irigaray, and Julia Kristeva. By the same token, and would never have been as useful for identity politics and LGBTQ activism if it wasn't for the works of Judith Butler. And, believe us, those schools of thought really wouldn't have worked so well for decolonizing movements and social justice theory if it weren't for thinkers like and .

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So, if you're glad you had the chance to read 's (1818) or 's (1891) in lit class, why not send a psychic thank-you note to the women who made that possible? And if you're thrilled that 's (1937) and 's (1987) are recognized as great American classics next to books penned by male writers, well, you can thank feminist scholars for those, too.

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Whatever the case, our gender identities affect our lives in all kinds of ways that we don't always recognize, and feminist theory has lots of tools to help you understand what your gender means to you. And beyond the realm of the personal, feminist theory has literally opened up a whole new world of reading.


After her death Godwin published her radical novel, as well as a memoir of her life. This revealed the fact that Mary had not been married while having a sexual relationship with Imlay. As a result her demand for rational female education, which had been accepted by most thinking women, became almost forgotten in the light of her implied demand for sexual freedom. She was hugely reviled as a 'prostitute' and 'unsex'd female'. Few of the later feminists of the more conservative 19th century would dare to admit her influence openly, as they made their gains for women by limiting the feminist agenda.