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In physics, a state of matter is one of the distinct forms in which matter can exist

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I developed my current approach by trial and error that was extremely hazardous and painful, and took most of a lifetime to achieve. I hope that this essay can help shorten the learning curve for those whom I seek. Many readers of this essay will get bogged down early on and skip to the end, and they will get out of the experience what they put into it. Such people are not in my target audience, unless they have already mastered this essay’s material, but I have never met even one such person. I will continue studying this subject matter for the remainder of my life, and have a ways to go before I can consider my grasp of it firm. This essay is largely intended to help readers develop a comprehensive awareness of life’s journey on Earth and see when humanity enters the play. When readers can do that and come to appreciate it, they will have an easier time avoiding the egocentric levels of FE awareness (), and reach something that might be called soul-centric. It should help them shed not only those scarcity-based ideologies and their insidious, , but they should also begin to understand why approaches rooted in such ideologies are doomed to failure for this task. We cannot drag our scarcity-based baggage with us for establishing a world of abundance. The GCs are masters of using people’s allegiance to those ideologies to enslave their minds and spirits. What I will be asking of my target audience will be anything but easy, and can actually be quite dangerous if caution is not exercised. But for those who use this material properly, it can improve their understanding in important ways.

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The human nuclear family was a change from ape social organization, which gave more males an opportunity to procreate, but it is also an economic institution, as have been extended families and the like. Family and clan organization . What will happen to family structures with FE and abundance? Bearing children is hard on a woman, and it is difficult to imagine a population explosion with FE and abundance, as women will have better things to do than become baby factories. Maybe the human population will significantly decline in a continuance of today’s , but even if it rose, since humanity will not place a burden on Earth’s ecosystems, it would not matter as it does today.

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Early Ediacaran fossil finds were often dismissed as because they did not fit the prevailing idea of an animal or plant, and left the most famous Ediacaran fossils. Today, the most likely interpretation seems to be that Dickensonias . When one finished eating a mat, it flopped its way to another. It was a bilateral-like creature and is today classified into an with other Ediacaran fauna. It has reasonably been speculated that Dickinsonia got its oxygen through diffusion across its surface, and that oxygen levels had to be at least 10% of today's to achieve that. looked like a plant but almost certainly was not, and is classified into another extinct phylum. , and Ediacaran fauna are indeed strange looking. There is debate whether the Ediacaran fauna were plants, animals, or neither, and that debate will not end soon. resembled a and may have been its ancestor. Paths in the sediments, called feeding traces, have been found, but there was no deep burrowing in the Ediacaran Period. In the last few million years of the Ediacaran, the first skeletons appeared, particularly of . That characteristic Ediacaran fauna suddenly appeared in the fossil record about 575 mya and abruptly disappeared about 542 mya. Below are images of those Ediacaran forms, which can appear so bizarre to people today. (Source for all images: Wikimedia Commons)

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Course Description: This course is about failed attempts. It's about me standing in an office two states and two months ago handing over a letter declaring that I was leaving academia indefinitely. It's about being on the road—Utah, Idaho, Montana—climbing north before having to turn around, scramble south. It's about the trying months of summer and ending up in a circumstance not on any map. It's about Boise instead of Missoula, about adjustments instead of adventure, about impediments edging out impulse, bi-monthly paychecks that can't cover rent and daycare, my last cigarette. It will be writing in a cramped corner on a plastic tv tray in a foldout chair bought at a thrift store. By the end of the semester, the focus will be two am phone calls and bad checks. For the final, look for a bookcase and a loveseat in a living room with the front door left wide open, my four-year-old daughter's favorite polka-dotted vest forgotten on the kitchen counter.

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Yet it is true that once the avant-garde had succeeded in "detaching"itself from society, it proceeded to turn around and repudiaterevolutionary as well as bourgeois politics. The revolution wasleft inside society, a part of that welter of ideological strugglewhich art and poetry find so unpropitious as soon as it beginsto involve those "precious" axiomatic beliefs upon whichculture thus far has had to rest. Hence it developed that thetrue and most important function of the avant-garde was not to"experiment," but to find a path along which it wouldbe possible to keep culture moving in the midst of ideologicalconfusion and violence. Retiring from public altogether, the avant-gardepoet or artist sought to maintain the high level of his art byboth narrowing and raising it to the expression of an absolutein which all relativities and contradictions would be either resolvedor beside the point. "Art for art's sake" and "purepoetry" appear, and subject matter or content becomes somethingto be avoided like a plague.

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The apartment has a bathroom off of the kitchen, a proximity that bothers me, a stand-only shower, a tiny bedroom, one closet. This is the smallest place I have ever lived, including graduate school. Indie and I share a bed, one we found in the storage shed, and we sit side by side on a loveseat, the only size that still only barely fits along the wall. The state tells me I make thirty dollars over the limit to qualify for assistance. I think that's about what I spend on smokes a month.