Many people are concerned about does globalization cause poverty?

The examples are countless and are enough proof of the fact that globalization exists.
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Numerous policy reports over the years have found that MSE R&D remains in the national interest and recommended that the United States should remain among the world leaders across all MSE subfields and the leader in many. The present study concludes that the globalization of MSE R&D is under way and is affecting U.S. leadership across MSE subfields. The impact of materials R&D globalization can be positive and large, but the risks of a negative impact remain substantial. To avoid a negative impact, the U.S. government and private sector must exploit foreign or joint R&D to benefit domestic innovation by integrating it efficiently and effectively into domestic civilian and military R&D.

Conclusion. The globalization of MSE R&D is narrowing the technological lead of the United States.
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However, to fully understand the concept of globalization and whether it is good or bad for a country, we must know its pros and cons.

Globalization is responsible for the wide range of choices in most products that are available in the market today.

Globalization provides a platform for an exchange of information, ideas, goods and services.
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Globalization is not new, though. For thousands of years, people—and, later, corporations—have been buying from and selling to each other in lands at great distances, such as through the famed Silk Road across Central Asia that connected China and Europe during the Middle Ages. Likewise, for centuries, people and corporations have invested in enterprises in other countries. In fact, many of the features of the current wave of globalization are similar to those prevailing before the outbreak of the First World War in 1914.

And foreign cultures would probably be more accepted once globalization gets more established
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If channeled in the wrong way, it can destroy economies.
Globalization is the integration of economies, societies and cultures of varied worlds through the process of technology, politics and trade.

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Globalization of MSE R&D is defined in this study as the worldwide expansion of MSE knowledge-creation centers as a result of U.S. and non-U.S. industry and government investments along with increased worldwide collaboration facilitated by information technology. The data and evidence amassed by the committee have led to a number of conclusions, presented throughout this report and repeated in this chapter along with a summary of the rationale for each. The conclusions are focused on the status of globalization and MSE R&D and on the impacts of globalization. Also presented herein are some aggregate conclusions and recommendations concerning the question posed for this study: How can the United States ensure that it has access to current MSE R&D around the world and thereby maintain its leadership position?

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All of which has been made possible due to globalization.

Globalization makes it possible to not only export and import , but it also allows for outsourcing .

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How is globalization affecting U.S. leadership in MSE R&D? The benchmarking evidence presented in this report paints a varied picture. In the subfield of composites, the United States risks being unable to exploit the promise of composites because of the significant and continuing decline of its leadership in the subfield. Leadership in the subfield of magnetic materials is mixed, with the United States in the lead in some critical areas and among the leaders in others. The United States appears to be losing its leadership role in metallurgy R&D, and there are no signs that this trend is going to be reversed any time soon. The situation in electronic and optical-photonic materials is mixed, with the United States leading in some areas and not in others. Currently, U.S. scientists working on superconductivity are at the cutting edge in nearly all the component areas of superconducting materials. However, the United States does not dominate in any, because other countries share or surpass the U.S. lead in applications. The United States has seen a continued decline in its former dominance in catalyst technology. While the United States leads global activity in nanomaterials and nanotechnology as measured by the number of corporations engaged in the subfield, it is too early to say which, if any, region of the world is going to show clear leadership as this field

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Conclusion. Globalization of MSE R&D is proceeding rapidly, in line with broader trends toward globalization. As a result of increasing international trade and investment, the emergence of new markets, and the growth of the Internet and the global communications system, MSE R&D in the United States is an internationalized activity with a diverse set of international partners.